USA Wrestling Core Curriculum
Freestyle Level 2 Curriculum
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1. Neutral Position
      A. Head Position
            i. Elevation
            ii. Angle
      B. Crowding
            i. Engaging with hands
            ii. Straight lines
            iii. Move to same side attacking
      C. Making contact
            i. Offensive priority with defensive ability
            ii. Moving forward to angle
            iii. Closing the gap

2. Neutral Position-Offense
      A. Inside step penetration
            i. Hi-C
            ii. Double leg
                 1. Attack the far hip
            iii. Inline Fireman's Carry
      B. Outside step penetration
            i. Single leg
            ii. Snatch single
            iii. Outside double leg
            iv. Duckunder
      C. Setups/Handfighting
            i. Wrestling where you want
            ii. Force your opponent's reaction
            iii. Level change
                 1. Beating your opponent's head and hips
      D. Scoring takedowns
            i. From your knees
      E. Finishes
            i. Wrestle all the way to the points
            ii. Multiple scores
            iii. Transitioning from the takedowns

3. Counter Offense
      A. Stuff head to breaking down opponent's attack
      B. Foot to mat
      C. Foot to mat with moving head

4. Par Terre Position
      A. Offense
            i. Gut wrench - Low Lock
            ii. Leg lace - Cartwheel
      B. Defense
            i. Gut wrench - low lock
            ii. Ankle lace - catch ankle