Lift Clean is a partnership between USA Weightlifting and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. 

Starting January 1, 2017, USA Weightlifting will expand the drug testing of athletes by intelligently selecting local events throughout the year for USADA to perform doping screenings. USA Weightlifting and USADA will also strategically select events where doping is suspected by utilizing intelligence gathered from members of the weightlifting community who are willing to speak up for clean sport. There will be no advanced notice given for which events will be tested under Lift Clean.

Lift Clean takes advantage of USADA’s extensive testing resources, including state-of-the art testing methods that make it possible to screen for more prohibited substances and detect substances for longer periods of time. USADA utilizes the latest anti-doping science to test thousands of athletes each year in a wide range of sports.

Because Lift Clean simply expands testing to all levels of USA Weightlifting sanctioned competition, the results management and adjudication process will remain the same in the event of a positive test.

Please utilize the resources in this section of our website so you can ensure you are competing in the most honest and ethical way.