It is our belief that we will get through this crisis together and emerge as a stronger weightlifting family. To that end, USA Weightlifting has started a relief fund to help members whose livelihoods have been impacted by the COVID-19 crisis. 

This program is being funded solely by donations. Money raised will be disbursed to individuals and organizations that demonstrate a financial hardship due to the crisis. Immediate needs for USA Weightlifting Clubs and members that require immediate financial assistance.

Immediate needs may include the following:

•       Rent or Mortgage payments for USA Weightlifting Clubs

•       Insurance payments

•       Utilities payments

•       Payroll assistance

Individuals can apply to gain access to the COVID-19 Relief Fund by CLICKING HERE

After completing the application, members will need to send any supporting documents including upcoming bills, invoices, etc. to

USA Weightlifting will respond with next steps during the next business day at the latest.


Can anyone gain access to the USAW COVID-19 Relief Fund?

Due to the nature of this crisis, individuals and clubs must have current memberships with USA Weightlifting in order to gain access to these funds.

How much money can I receive from this fund?

Each application will be reviewed. If approved, first round of funding payments will be $300 per applicant. More resources could be provided depending on when more resources become available from the relief fund.

I’ve received funds, do I need to spend the money within a certain period of time?

Funds received must be used once received for the immediate needs of the members requested them for. A form of proof of purchase will be required from the member within 3 weeks of the funds being allocated.

Will distribution and spending be tracked?

Members will be required to show immediate need in order to receive funds. This includes bills, receipts, etc.

I fortunately am in a good financial situation; how can I help?

Donate using the form below, or CLICK HERE to the USA Weightlifting COVID-19 Relief Fund and help out the weightlifting family all around the country.