USA Weightlifting has a generous donor who provides us with not only a monthly monetary gift, but also medals to be distributed to a select few Youth/Junior Level athletes who are invited to Developmental Camps at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center. 

Recipients demonstrate leadership, support, and passion not only for their training but their teammates as well. 

Jennifer Roy Medal

Jennifer Roy was born November 25, 1940 in Christchurch, New Zealand.  During her early childhood she came down with polio.  She beat the disease with cold and hot compresses and vigorous exercise in the form of dancing.  This early exposure to exercise carried on into adulthood as she became one of New Zealand’s top skiers. 

USA Weightlifting’s generous donor, Morgan Norval, met Jennifer while he was serving in the United States Marine Corps and they fell in love. Unfortunately, before that love could be converted into a matrimonial union, Jennifer passed away in an accident.  Her courage and can do spirit has been a constant source of inspiration to Mr. Norval to this very day. 

Mr. Norval has created the Jennifer Roy medal which USA Weightlifting distributes to a limited number of Youth & Junior Developmental athletes attending training camps at the Olympic Training Center.  Jennifer Roy medal recipients demonstrate leadership, support, and passion not only for their training but their teammates as well.  The purpose of the award is to inspire and encourage young lifters to strive to become the best they can be in sport and life.  

Previous recipients of the Jennifer Roy Medal 

2011 Summer Developmental Camp: Shelbie Serpan & Tom Summa 

2011 Winter Developmental Camp: Hope Stockell & Ian Wilson

2012 Summer Developmental Camp: Alexis LiCalsi, Rebekah Pudenz, Alex  Stenbo & Mason Groehler

2013 Winter Developmental Camp: Marissa Klingsis & Ian Wilson

-    2014 Winter Youth & Junior Elite Camp: Youth Women (Tie): Juliette Chang-Fane & Megan Seegert
                                                          Youth Men: Richard Beemer
  Junior Women: Hope Stockel
                                                          Junior Men: Nate Oelke

2015 Youth & Junior Elite Summer camp:  Tanner Reichardt
                                                             Mattie Rogers
                                                             Harrison Maurus
                                                             Madison Stenbo 
                                                             Thomas Gallant 
                                                             Shay Carlock