These charts are the current standings after the first qualifying event. In no way should one assume they are a team member.  The selection committee has the final decision on the International Squad for each event.  Certain athletes may appear on more than one event, that does not mean the will go to every event, but simply shows their position of rank and score for the current data.

Last updated: March 17, 2020


2020 Olympic Games - Eligibility - After Period 2 - Men

2020 Olympic Games - Eligibility - After Period 2 - Women

Colombia Open Senior Championships - Men

Colombia Open Senior Championships - Women


2020 Senior Pan Ams - Women


2020 Pan-Atlantic Nations Cup - Men

2020 Pan-Atlantic Nations Cup - Women


University World Championships - Men *

University World Championships - Women *

* These documents now include listed rankings for qualified athletes, plus listed athletes who are eligible to compete, but must reach qualification standards prior to being ranked. 


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2020 Junior Worlds - Men

2020 Junior Worlds - Women


2020 Junior Pan Ams - Men

2020 Junior Pan Ams - Women

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2020 Youth Pan American Championships - Men

2020 Youth Pan American Championships - Women


2020 Youth Worlds - Men

2020 Youth Worlds - Women

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