Athlete Wellness Program

USA Weightlifting recognizes the importance of the health of our athletes as a whole, and is making pro-bono and discounted resources available to support the mental health and wellness of all athletes and members, at all levels of the organization and at different stages of their athletic career who have experienced trauma in sport. 

For the purposes of this program, “trauma” is defined as exposure to actual or threatened death, serious injury, sexual assault, emotional abuse, physical abuse, bullying, violence or other significant loss caused either accidentally or intentionally at any time in the athlete’s life. Exposure includes direct involvement in the event, witnessing the event or in some cases, becoming aware of the event having happened to a loved one or close associate.

2018 program launch

Better Help partnership launch

Resources for Athletes suffering from trauma, addiction, depression or a diagnosed mental health disorder

USA Weightlifting is making available confidential counseling and mental health resources around the nation for those who have suffered from trauma through our partnership with Better Help.

USA Weightlifting also makes available the same service to those athletes suffering from addiction to pain-killing drugs or alcohol emanating from participating in sport, suffering from depression resulting from participation in sport and support for those participating in sport that are suffering from a diagnosed mental health disorder.

Track 1: Open to all members which includes a 35% discount for better help services 

Track 2: Update to the athlete mental health program which provides 3 months of care provided by USAW for athletes who have experienced trauma in sport.

  • To apply for support contact with "BetterHelp 3 months care" as the subject of your email.

Resources for Athletes experiencing suicidal thoughts

Need to talk to someone right now? Call 1-800-273-8255 or chat online at

We encourage you to connect with a professional using the above contact details. Taking that first step is difficult and we are here to assist you.

Resources for athletes experiencing post-career transition Issues

USA Weightlifting is making available confidential counselling and mental health resources around the nation for those facing a major change in their career such as retirement, post-Olympic Games or where they have just missed a team. This service is directed at our elite athletes and those facing specific difficulties based on career issues. Please use the above contact details.

Online Mental Health Screenings

USA Weightlifting has partnered with Screenings for Mental Health, Inc to provide 24-7 online Mental Health Screenings. SMH is used by Colleges and High Schools around the nation in a similar. It is available to take in complete privacy 24-7:

Racial Trauma Toolkit

Racial Trauma Toolkit from Boston College