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(post 2020 National Junior, University & Under 25 Championships)

In an effort to streamline the process in around the pathway for international competition for US IWF Category 1 and Category 2 officials are set, the USA Weightlfiting Technical Committee adopted the following process:

- A ranking list will be kept after every competition, starting in February 2020 (Juniors/Uni/U25).

- The current points system will be used on a per session basis, rather than on a per meet basis. The same sign-off process as used for financial reimbursement will be used.

- The Competition Secretary and Asst. Competition Secretaries will receive the total of the highest official for the sessions (Excluding the Testing Coordinator bonus, if applicable) + 3 bonus points.

- The Testing Coordinator will receive their own total of session + 5 bonus points.

- National Masters & American Masters will be included. - World Masters and other international Masters events shall be counted in the international area at 1 point per day, except when hosted by the USA at which time they will be counted in the same manner as a National meet.

- Local meets will no longer be included in the points calculation.