USA Weightlifting together with USA Rugby, USA Cheer, USRowing, USA Bobsled/Skeleton and USA Triathlon will host six combine style events at universities throughout the country in a joint effort to expand their talent pools.

While each Pro Day will be hosted on a university campus, participants are not required to be enrolled or a student athlete to participate. Pro Days are open to 18 to 24-year-olds. Athletes identified for their potential talent will be individually invited to train with sport specific coaches in their area. Participation is free. 

In addition to partnering together, the NGBs are excited to work with the United States Olympic Committee’s Next Olympic Hopeful program. The talent identification program, presented by Milk Life and supported by 24 Hour Fitness, aims to increase the pipeline of world-class athletes pursuing Olympic sport in the United States. Results from the Pro Day on May 5th at Baylor University in Waco, Texas will be shared with Next Olympic Hopeful scouts.

The following test events will be conducted at each Team USA Pro Day:

  • 10m, 30m, 40m sprint

  • Vertical jump

  • Triple hop (two feet)

  • 10 sec max watt row

  • 1 minute average watt row

  • 3RM back squat

  • 1RM power clean

  • Rugby Skills event

  • Cheer skills event

  • Burnout Row

  • Max pull ups

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