USA Weightlifting

In an effort to safely recruit a new generation of weightlifters, the USA Weightlifting combine series will move online for the 2020-2021 season. Athletes will have the option to self test or visit one of the listed host sites below with a valid registration. Athletes interested in participating may do so by filming and uploading their entry to the submission site anytime before the June 30, 2021 deadline.

If an athlete chooses to visit an in-person test site, they will still be responsible for filming and uploading their entry to the submission site.

Combine events include:

-Back squat 3RM

-Power Clean 3RM

-30M sprint

-Vertical jump

Please review at home requirements and acceptable submission procedure HERE

To register for an in-person test at one of the sites listed below, click HERE and choose your location from the drop down menu. *Please note, you will still be responsible for filming and uploading your entries.

As of November 2020, the Combine Series will be hosted on the GMTM recruiting platform. "USA Weightlifting is excited to launch another partnership and recruitment opportunity with GMTM," said Suzy Sanchez, USA Weightlifting's Director of Grassroots Development and Recruiting. "Our online combine will move to the GMTM platform to help streamline the submission process. We hope to see an increase in an engagement and continue to help promote our talent identification pipelines at the high school and post collegiate levels."

Athletes selected from this program will be awarded incentive packages based on their performance and placement within the transitional athlete program. For questions, please contact  

Allsouth Barbell Club

Chamblee, GA

Aug 31

Sept 2 - Sept 4

12pm - 3pm

12pm - 3pm

Network Barbell Club

Granger, IN

Aug 31 - Sept 2

Sept 4

3pm - 5pm

10am - 12pm

Eastside Barbell

Springfield, OR

Aug 31-Sept 4

12pm - 2pm

No Limits Barbell Club

Corpus Christi, TX

Aug 31

Sept 1

Sept 2 - Sept 5

Sept 6

2pm - 7pm

9am - 7pm

9am - 11am

9am - 7pm

Vulkan Weightlifting

Portland, OR

Sept 7- Sep 12

12pm - 3pm

Strong Weightlifting

Farmers Branch, TX

Sept 7 - Sept 11

Sept 12

1pm - 3pm

12pm - 2pm

West Madison Weightlifting

Fitchburg, WI

Sept 21

Sept 22

Sept 23

Sept 24 - Sept 25

5pm - 7pm

4pm - 6pm

5pm - 7pm

4pm - 6pm

SOCF Barbell

Orlando, FL

Sept 21 - Sept 26

5pm - 7pm

Boise Barbell

Boise, ID

Sept 21 - Sept 26

6pm - 8pm

Dogtown Barbell Club

Little Rock, AR

Oct 5 - Oct 10

4pm - 6pm

SEDulous Barbell

West Palm Beach, FL

Oct 5 - Oct 10

12pm - 3pm

BlueWave Weightlifting Club

Fort Worth, TX

Oct 5 - Oct 9

12pm - 3pm

RWL Weightlifting, Inc

Franklin, MA

Oct 22

Oct 24

1pm - 6pm

9am - 1pm

Category 5 athletics

Tampa, FL

Oct 12 - Oct 17

3pm - 5pm

West Chester Weightlifting

West Chester, OH

Oct 12 - Oct 17

4pm - 5:30pm

Triumph Barbell Club

Florence, KY

Nov 2 - Nov 7

12pm - 2pm

Reach Your Potential Training

Tinton, NJ

Nov 2 - Nov 7

12pm - 2pm

Athletic Lab WLC

Morrisville, NC

Nov 9 - Nov 14

12pm - 3pm

5 Rings Barbell

Braselton, GA

Nov 23 - Nov 28

3pm - 6pm

Wilmington Weightlifting Club

Wilmington, NC

Mar 22 - Mar 27

4:30pm - 7:30pm

Palm Beach Weightlifting

Palm Beach, FL

Jan 11 - Jan 16

1pm - 3pm

Legion Weightlifting

Charlotte, NC

Feb 1 - Feb 5

Feb 6

3pm - 5pm

12pm - 2pm

Columbus Weightlifting

Columbus, OH

Apr 5 - Apr 10

11am - 1pm