USA Weightlifting Transitional Athlete Program

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Quick facts:

  • 52% of USA Weightlifting international elite athletes have been transitional athletes
  • 67% of USA Weightlifting female Olympic medalists are transitional athletes


To provide a pathway for elite collegiate and/or high school athletes to transition into the sport of weightlifting after or during their participation in their primary sport.


To find and develop our next international elite athlete and/or Olympian

Try-Out Process:

  1. Submit your entries HERE
  2. Performance review
  3. Connect with a local club/coach

If you do not have access to equipment please contact to be connected to a local coach. 

*Athlete Background:

Athletes that have a proven history of transitioning into weightlifting at the elite level have a background in the following sports

  • Gymnastics
  • Cheer
  • Acrobatics and Tumbling
    • Bases
  • Diving
  • Track and field
    • Throws
    • Pole vault
    • Hurdles
    • Short distance sprinters
  • Rugby


  • Soccer
    • Mid fielder
    • Goalies
  • Softball/Baseball
    • Centerfield
    • Short stop
    • Catcher
  • Hockey
    • Goalie
  • Football

*Athletes from other background are welcome to apply for the recruitment program.

Is there an age cap for who can apply?

Maximum age: 27

What type of athlete is USA Weightlifting looking for?

Weightlifting is a weight class sport, so athletes of all sizes will find a place to compete and fit in

Weight classes range from 99lb to +240lb

I have participated in weightlifting or am a current or former member can I participate? 

Athletes that have already participated in the sport or have been members of USA Weightlifting, past or present, are not eligible for the recruitment program. 

The recruitment program was created to assist athletes with no background or experience in weightlifting transition into the sport.

Please contact for member services 

What are the program benefits?

After the try out is conducted athletes will receive a notification of benefit options to get started on the path to elite competition

What happens after my benefits end?

If you qualify for Tier 1 + or Tier 1 ranking through this program you qualify for 1-3 months of training support. During this period athletes are encouraged to compete at the local level to qualify for a national event. Once an athlete competes at the national level they will be able to begin their path to international competition. High ranking athletes will become eligible for USA Weightlifting's Direct Athlete Support Program which will help with training, travel, and other costs that arise as an elite athlete. 

Who should apply?

Athletes that have a strong desire to continue elite training after graduation. Athletes that have a passion for the Olympic movement and want to pursue the Olympic dream.

What is the time commitment for training?

15-20 hours per week

How should I get in touch with USA Weightlifting for more information or to set up a try out?

Email for more information

Athlete Recruitment Questionnaire

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