April 1, 2017

Dear Members:
March brings to an end our first quarter of the year, and I write as our team is traveling to Bangkok for the IWF Youth World Championships where our team is on course for the first time in history to qualify for the Youth Olympic Games for both genders at the World level. Such is the progress of our athlete and coaches in our organization that we have an athlete ranked among our lower finishers who is predicted to finish as high as highest finishing male athlete at the same Qualification event in 2013.

It is likely to be an exciting week ahead, watch the webcast live at www.usaweightlifting.org, and keep checking our social media channels, we’ll bring you up to date with the action both as it happens in Thailand and re-cap once America wakes up.

Pyrros Dimas has his first day on the job in Bangkok, and he’ll be with us in Colorado Springs from April 18.

I must also note the change in our selection procedure saw a statistical upgrade in placement of 35 places vs. our previous selection procedures. Congratulations to the 20 athletes in the IWF Youth World Squad.

While in Thailand, myself and friends from the 2017 IWF World Championships organizing committee will present an update to the IWF Executive Board and IWF Congress. We have a positive update to give them, our level of production in Anaheim will be similar to that experienced at the 2015 IWF World Championships in Houston. By the way, did you get your tickets yet?

The end of the first quarter also means we will publish our operating budget for the first quarter. To my knowledge we are the only NGB to do so. This means you as a member can see exactly where your money is spent, how and what on? Questions, feel free to reach out to me personally and I’ll be happy to talk them through.

This month saw the first ever American Open Series event in Reno, Nevada. I want to take two minutes to publicly thank our volunteers and Technical Officials especially StoneAgeFuel Barbell and our Competition Secretary, Mario Dispenza. The event had amongst the highest customer satisfaction rating in our feedback survey. We had two double bodyweight clean and jerks at the same event, Alyssa Ritchey at 48kg and Caitlin Hogan at 53kg, while another 53kg athlete Cortney Batchelor improved her own Snatch American Record. Away from our elite athletes, it was great to see our Youth, Senior and Master athletes all competing on one platform.

Our membership numbers are now around 27,000, by the way that makes us the fastest growing sport in US Olympic history in the last 4 years. However, our work is not done and this month we will roll out several improvements to our members:
- Uploading bulk meet results will go live.
- Live updated start lists for our nationally run events.
- Our Futures program, designed to grow Weightlifting across the United States will be rolled out.
- We will roll out online education for anti-doping.

Speaking of education, a friendly reminder that if you plan to coach at the Nike National Youth Championships, powered by Rogue Fitness, you need to complete your SafeSport certification and your American Development Model (ADM) certification in your membership profile before registering for the event.

This month we will select the team headed for the FISU World University Games in Taipei at the 2017 Nike National University Championships, powered by Rogue Fitness, at the University of Florida, and see which of our growing pool of Elite Athletes will be registering for the Nationals in Chicago!

USA Weightlifting is also headed out on the road this month. We’ll have members or staff at all of the USA Gymnastics Regionals events and we’re also headed to USA Wrestling’s regionals and CrossFit Regionals in May.

There’s a lot going here at USA Weightlifting. It feels great to lead a team of passionate professionals, we aren’t perfect and we know that – but if we can serve you, we’re here to do so. As always feel free to reach out to me personally or any of our team with questions.

Phil Andrews