Membership and Re-certification Fees

Members have the option of paying dues either on a monthly or annual basis. Memberships purchased on a monthly basis are valid for one month from date of purchase, and will be renewed automatically each month by credit card payment, subject to the terms and conditions.
Memberships purchased on an annual basis are valid for 365 days from date of purchase. Athletes 35 years and older require a Masters Athlete membership.

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Fees as of January 1, 2019

Beginning January 1, 2019, Athlete members who are 35 years or older, based on year of birth, will be required to sign up for a Masters membership. This means if you are turning 35 years old (or older) in the 2019 calendar year, you will be required to renew as a Masters member. This change will not affect eligibility for USA Weightlifting competitions. Masters members will continue to be eligible to compete in both USA Weightlifting Senior-level competitions and USA Weightlifting Masters competitions.


Monthly Fee          Annual Fee 
$19.99 (first month)
$13.99 (subsequent months)
Senior Athlete
$19.99 (first month)
$9.99 (subsequent months)

Junior Athlete
$15.99 (first month)
$7.99 (subsequent months)
Youth Athlete
$11.99 (first month)
$5.99 (subsequent months)
Masters Athlete
$24.99 (first month,
includes $5 to USA Weightlifting Masters)
$9.99 (subsequent months)
(Senior athlete membership [$69] +
$5 to USA Masters Weightlifting)
Club Membership $199
Coaching Course-Level 1
Coaching Course-Level 2
Entry Fee-
National Adult Events
Entry Fee-
National Junior
Entry Fee-
National Youth
Team Entry-
Team Entry-
Youth Age Group
Event Sanction $75
Supporter Membership

*Add $10 to total if not paid online.

-Coaches may only renew for one year at a time.

-We have removed the option to renew as a Club Coach. Please renew as a Level 1 Coach with Background Check. 

-In the event of membership cancellation, USA Weightlifting does not refund membership or re-certification fees.

-Supporter memberships are not eligible to compete at any USAW-sanctioned event and are not covered by Sport Accident insurance.