USA Weightlifting
Membership Bill of Rights

Every Member of USA Weightlifting has the right to:



Weightlifting is for anyone, anywhere – regardless of ability, age, race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religion or any other characteristic. Every member has the opportunity to compete

Be Treated with Respect and Dignity

Each member has the right to be treated with respect and dignity at all times, by USA Weightlifting as an organization, by USA Weightlifting staff or governance members, and by fellow members.

Provide input on matters that affect them

Membership groups within USA Weightlifting, for example athletes, have the right to a say on matters that affect their membership, their area, and their journey in our sport. This is generally executed by elected representative committees, but feedback is welcomed, solicited and respected at all times from the general membership body.

Have the right to a Prompt and Honest Response.

Members have the right to expect a response from USA Weightlifting to their issue within a maximum of 2 working days. They have a right to expect that response to be full, frank and honest.

Be treated fairly and reasonably

Members have a right to be treated fairly, equally and reasonably in all their dealings with USA Weightlifting. For example, but not limited to, the use of objective data where such data exists.

Have their Health and Wellness supported.

USA Weightlifting views the health and wellness, both mental and physical, of its’ athletes as a top priority. Members have the right to the respect of their mental health, and to be supported by the organization as much as reasonably possible

Receive proper instruction

Members have the right to receive properly qualified and certified instruction, underpinned by the USA Weightlifting Coaching Education program. Such instruction should respect the safety and wellness of the athlete or coach receiving such instruction.

Integrity and Transparency

Members have the right to expect integrity and transparency from USA Weightlifting as an organization and its’ leadership on all matters including but not limited to selection, financial, governance decisions and other matters. Members have the right to question USA Weightlifting leadership, and the right to an honest and full answer.