ETSU Holding Weightlifting Tryouts

December 29, 2016: 2017 and Beyond: A Look Ahead

December 28, 2016: Top 10 Moments of 2016

December 27, 2016: 2016: A Year in Review


      2017 Rule Changes


December 21, 2016: Wednesday Word: A Meditation Primer

December 20, 2016: Masters Governance Changes

December 19, 2016: USAW National Office Holiday Hours

December 15, 2016: Eleiko Selected as Official Equipment Supplier of 2017 IWF Weightlifting World Championships

December 14, 2016: IWF Visits Anaheim

December 13, 2016: Carissa Gump to depart USA Weightlifting

December 11, 2016: Cummings, Maurus Set Records at USA Weightlifting American Open Championships

December 10, 2016: Winters, Johnson, Batchelor, Langtor Sasser Sweep Gold

      American Open Championships Video Highlights

December 9, 2016:  USA Weightlifting American Open Championships Kick Off in Orlando

December 7, 2016:   Yay Burpees! An Interview with Mike Burgener

December 6, 2016:   Orlando Gearing Up for 2016 USA Weightlifting American Open Championships

December 5, 2016:   Rogue Fitness Named Official Equipment Supplier of USA Weightlifting

      2015 World Championships Equipment Sale

December 2, 2016:   Feature Friday: Caitlin Hogan at 2016 World University Weightlifting Championships

December 1, 2016:   November 2016 Contributions

November 30, 2016: Wednesday Word: Legal Considerations When Entering a Sponsorship

      American Open Series Coming to Grand Rapids, Michigan

November 29, 2016: Support USA Weightlifting on Giving Tuesday!

November 25, 2016: Feature Friday: Mattie Rogers at 2016 World University Weightlifting Championships

November 23, 2016: Wednesday Word: What's the Catch? Clarifying Weightlifting Exercises & Terminology

                              CJ Cummings: Building a Legacy

      2017-2020 Selection Procedures

November 21, 2016: Register your 2017 Olympic Day Event 

November 19, 2016: Team USA Wins 22 Medals at FISU World University Weightlifting Championships

November 18, 2016: Feature Friday: Kerri Keegan at 2016 World University Championships

                              USA Weightlifting & U.S. Anti-Doping Agency Launch Lift Clean Initiative 

November 17, 2016: Klingseis Wins Three Silver Medals, McCarthy and Graybill Bring Home Bronze

November 16, 2016: Rogers Dominates World University Championships, Tatum and Cooper Win Silver

                      Wednesday Word: Coming Back After a Bad Meet

November 15, 2016: Peck Wins Gold, Bianco Sweeps Silver on Day 2 in Merida

November 14, 2016: Keegan Wins Gold, Hogan Sets American University Records at FISU World University Championships

                              2016 FISU World University Championships Information

November 11, 2016: Marissa Klingseis at the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials

                              ADM Certification Required for Some Coaches

November 10, 2016: 90kg American Record Standards Established

November 9, 2016: Wednesday Word: Incorporating Endurance Training into Weightlifting

November 8, 2016: Mexico Bound for FISU World University Weightlifting Championships

November 7, 2016:  2017 Membership Rates

November 4, 2016:  Feature Friday: Morghan King in Rio

                             Board of Directors Election Results

November 3, 2016:  October 2016 Contributions

November 2, 2016:   Wednesday Word: Coaches, Your Role & Responsibility in Anti-Doping

                              USA Weightlifting looks to CrossFit LiftOff for New Talent

October 28, 2016:    Team USA Brings Home Eight Medals, World Record from IWF Youth World Championships

      Feature Friday: Harrison Maurus at IWF Youth World Championships

                              American Open Series Headed to Reno

October 26, 2016:    5 Biggest Mistakes in the Snatch and How to Fix Them

October 25, 2016:    Sha'la McMillian Snatches Bronze on Final Day of Youth World Championships 

October 24, 2016:    Stenbo, Bribiesca Set American Records at Youth World Championships

October 23, 2016:    Harrison Maurus Wins Three Silver Medals, Sets Three American Records

October 22, 2016:    CJ Cummings Smashes World Record, Wins 3 Gold at Youth World Championships

October 21, 2016:    Feature Friday: Hayley Reichardt's Winning C&J at Youth Worlds

October 20, 2016:    Team USA Lands on Medal Podium on Day 1 of 2016 Youth World Championships

October 19, 2016:    Athena Schrijver Ready for International Debut at Youth Worlds 

                              Wednesday Word: Establishing a Weightlifting Program in a Franchise 

                              IWF Formally Adopts New Women's Weight Category

October 18, 2016:    USA Awarded 2017 IWF World Weightlifting Championships

October 17, 2016:    USA Weightlifting Headed to Malaysia for IWF Youth World Championships 

                              American Open Series: A Guide

October 14, 2016:    Feature Friday: Kendrick Farris Sets Personal Bets & New American Record

October 12, 2016:    Wednesday Word: Olympic Weightlifting, Kid Style

October 11, 2016:    IWF Releases 2016 Olympics Magazine

October 10, 2016:     Shana Alverson Crowned Grand Master

October 8, 2016:       Watch 2016 National University & Under 25 Championships

October 7, 2016:        Feature Friday: The Jerk Dip with Kendrick Farris and Cara Heads-Slaughter

                               Cara Heads-Slaughter Returns to New Orleans

October 6, 2016:       Coach Recaptures New Orleans Magic

October 5, 2016:       September 2016 Contributions

                               Wednesday Word: Pursuing Mastery in Coaching

                               WADA Releases 2017 Prohibited List

October 4, 2016:       2017 National University & Under 25 Championships Headed to Florida 

October 3, 2016:   Fall 2016 E-Magazine

September 30, 2016: OTC Farewell: A video retrospect

                               Feature Friday: Catalyst Athletics at 2016 USAW Nationals & U.S. Olympic Team Trials 

September 29, 2016: Team USA Welcomed to the White House

                               OTC Farewell: All Athletes Welcome to Our Gym

September 28, 2016: Wednesday Word: Starting a Weightlifting Team

                               OTC Farewell: Coaches Reflect on Weightlifting Gym

September 27, 2016: 2015 IWF World Championships Wins SportsTravel Award

                               OTC Farewell: Former Resident Athletes Reminisce

September 26, 2016: Strong Showing at 2016 USA Weightlifting University and U25 Championships

                               Final Results: 2016 National University & Under 25 Championships

September 25, 2016: IWF Executive Board Approves New 8th Women's Weight Category

September 24, 2016: Records Fall on Day 1 of University and U25 Championships

September 23, 2016: Feature Friday: Dynamic Chinese-Style Warmup with Olympian Jianping Ma

September 21, 2016: Team USA Looking for Success at 2016 Youth Pan American Championships

                               Wednesday Word: Who Controls Your Weightlifting: You or Someone Else?

September 19, 2016: Lifters Head to New Orleans for 2016 National University and Under 25 Championships

September 16, 2016: Feature Friday: Olympic Coaching Tips: Jim Schmitz Weightlifting 101 

               Final OTC Camp Kicks Off

September 14, 2016: Wednesday Word: The Big Time, The Small Time: Why All Things Matter in Weightlifting

September 10, 2016: Artie Drechsler Remembers Norb Schemansky

September 9, 2016: Feature Friday: Olympic Coaching Tips for the Clean and Jerk

     Special Weightlifting Experience Planned for Tokyo 2020

September 8, 2016: August 2016 Contributions

September 7, 2016: Weightlifting Legend Norbert Schemansky Dies

                             Wednesday Word: The Weightlifting Pull in Power Development

September 2, 2016: Call for Volunteers for National University & Under 25 Championships

                             Feature Friday: Olympic Coaching Tips for the Snatch

August 31, 2016: Wednesday Word: A Primer on Weightlifting

   USA Weightlifting's Approach to Support New Female Weight Category

                         USA Weightlifting Supports Baton Rouge Flood Relief 

August 26, 2016: Feature Friday: Welcome Home Olympians!

August 24, 2016: Wednesday Word: 10 Myths About Weightlifting That Need to Stop

         A Hero's Welcome Home for Team USA Weightlifting

August 23, 2016: Membership Challenge Winners Announced

August 22, 2016: National University & Under 25 Championships Moved to New Orleans

         Top 10 Moments of Rio 2016

                         More Masters Invade OTC

August 21, 2016: Rio 2016: A Great Games

August 20, 2016: Training Away from Olympic Park

August 19, 2016: Jenny Arthur Hits the Beach

                         Feature Friday: Sarah Robles at U.S. Olympic Team Trials

         Morghan King Conquers Rio

                 Masters Learn from the Best at the OTC

                 Sarah Robles' Coach Honored in Rio

August 18, 2016: Kendrick Farris Alternative Fuel

                         USA House: A Slice of Home

August 17, 2016: Wednesday Word: 10 Rules of the Lifting Platform That Apply to Everyone

                         Jenny Arthur Takes 6th by Slim Margin

August 16, 2016: Sarah Robles Rio Media Tour

                 USA Weightlifting Announces Chalk Partner

         National University & Under 25 Championships to Continue as Scheduled

         Sarah Robles Challenging Normal

August 15, 2016: American Records Fall in Rio

         Laurie Lopez Announcement

                         OTC Masters Camp 1 Photo Slideshow

August 14, 2016: Sarah Robles Snatches Bronze at Rio Olympics

August 13, 2016: Kendrick Farris' Strong Showing at Rio Olympics

                         Olympic Competition Preview: Sarah Robles

August 12, 2016: Feature Friday: Jenny Arthur Takes Time From Training To Lift Spirits

                         Jenny Arthur Shines in Olympic Debut

                         Olympic Competition Preview: Kendrick Farris

August 11, 2016: Olympic Competition Preview: Jenny Arthur 

                         International Media Focuses on Kendrick Farris

August 10, 2016: Wednesday Word: Why You Should Know Your Snatch to Clean and Jerk Weight

                          Pyrros Dimas Gives Weightlifting Lesson to IOC President

August 9, 2016: Tara Nott Cunningham & Morghan King: Inspiring a New Generation

August 6, 2016: Olympic Competition Preview: Morghan King

                      Morghan King Finishes Sixth in First Olympic Games

August 5, 2016: Feature Friday: Pyrros Dimas Shares Pre-Competition Rituals

August 4, 2016: Meet the Team: Sarah Robles

                       Rio 2016 Start List Package Released

August 3, 2016: Wednesday Word: Why You Should Compete in Weightlifting

                        Meet the Team: Kendrick Farris

August 2, 2016: Meet the Team: Jenny Arthur

                       July 2016 Contributions

August 1, 2016: Meet the Team: Morghan King

                       Frank Spellman Reflects on Olympic Legacy

July 29, 2016: IWF Rules Russia Will Not Compete in Rio Olympics

                     Rio Opening Ceremony Uniforms Revealed

                     Feature Friday: The Team Behind The Team 

July 28, 2016: Join Our Membership Challenge

July 27, 2016: Wednesday Word: Foam Rolling for Performance and Recovery

                     Rio 2016 Photo Slideshow

July 26, 2016: IWF's Statement Regarding IOC's Decision Concerning Russia's Participation in Rio Olympic Games

July 25, 2016: USAW's Anthony Pomponio Featured in United Airlines Safety Video

July 23, 2016: Jenny Arthur Awarded DeVry University Scholarship

July 22, 2016: Feature Friday: Warm Ups with Coach Zygmunt

July 21, 2016: Olympic Games Entry List Released

July 20, 2016: USA Weightlifting National Championships Return to Windy City

                     Lift Times for Olympic Games

July 19, 2016: Register for Final Camp at the OTC

July 18, 2016: Pyrros Dimas Joins USA Weightlifting

                     Tamas Feher Named Coaching Education Manager

                     USA Weightlifting Announces New Decentralized Training, Centralized Leadership Model

July 15, 2016: Board of Directors and Athlete Advisory Council Elections

July 14, 2016: Atlanta to Host 2017 National Youth Championships

                     2017 Nationals Qualifying Totals

July 13, 2016: Wednesday Word: Something to Shout About: The Quiet Thoughts of a Noisy Weightlifter

July 12, 2016: USA Weightlifting Supports Kilos for a Cure

                     USA Weightlifting to Implement 6-month RTP Rule

                     USA Weightlifting Seeks Bylaw Review Task Force Members

July 11, 2016: Rogers, Klingseis, Personal Coaches to Join Olympic Team in Rio

July 8, 2016: Support USAW While You Shop

July 7, 2016: Olympian to Bring Hometown Pride to Rio

July 6, 2016: Shane Hamman to Announce Weightlifting for Rio 2016 Games

                   Weightlifting Veteran Named Sport Manager for Tokyo 2020

                   Wednesday Word: Seven Ways to be More Coachable

July 5, 2016: June 2016 Contributions

July 2, 2016: Competition Concludes at IWF Junior World Championships 

July 1, 2016:   CJ Cummings Named Finalist for Team USA Best of June Award

                     Passing the Torch: World Record Holder Reacts to CJ Cummings' JWC Performance

     Register for Final Meet at the OTC

June 30, 2016: Wednesday Word: Championship Weightlifting 

      Support The Team Going for Gold in Rio!

June 29, 2016: Seegert, Delacruz, Cummings Set New Junior American Records at Junior Worlds 

June 28, 2016: World Celebrates CJ Cummings Win at Junior Worlds 

June 27, 2016: American CJ Cummings Wins IWF Junior Worlds and Breaks World Records

June 26, 2016: National Youth Championships: Day 2 Results

June 25, 2016: National Youth Championships: Day 1 Results

June 24, 2016: Feature Friday: 1972 Olympic Weightlifters

      Start Times for USA Team at Junior Worlds

              Olympic Preps Continue and New Category for Women Approved at IWF Congress

                      National Youth Championships, Junior Session Results

June 23, 2016: Youth Lifters Look to Make a Mark at National Youth Championships 

                      IWF Awards 2018 Junior Worlds

June 17, 2016: Feature Friday: John Davis, Clean & Jerk World Record 

                      USA Weightlifting Statement on Resident Program Closure

                      Team USA Preparing for IWF Junior World Championships

June 16, 2016: USA Weightlifting Resident Program Discontinued at Olympic Training Center

June 15, 2016: Wednesday Word: Hyping Up vs. Calming Down

June 14, 2016: USA Weightlifting Welcomes New Staff to the Team Behind the Team

June 11, 2016: Two-Time Olympian Farris Earns Ticket to Rio

                      Klingseis Places Third; Tatum Sixth on Day 4 of Pan American Championships

June 10, 2016: Rogers Wins Silver, Sets American Record at Pan American Championships

June 9, 2016: United States to Host 2017 Pan American Championships in Miami

                    King Places Fourth at Pan American Championships

June 8, 2016: Winters Wins Bronze on Day 1 of Pan American Championships

                    Wednesday Word: The Jerk

June 5, 2016: 2017 National Junior Championships Headed to Kansas City

June 3, 2016: Feature Friday: How & When to Wear Weightlifting Straps 

June 2, 2016: Men's Team Aims to Secure an Olympic Berth at 2016 Pan American Championships

June 1, 2016: Wednesday Word: The Lies You Tell Yourself in the Gym

May 24, 2016: Wednesday Word: When Lifting, Think Down Not Out To Get Under The Bar

May 20, 2016: Feature Friday: Kendrick Farris 

May 18, 2016: Wednesday Word: Mindfulness and Muscle

May 13, 2016: Feature Friday: The Story of Champion Morghan King 

May 12, 2016: Lifters Bring Their Best to Women's Olympic Trials 

May 11, 2016: Wednesday Word: Weightlifting Movement from Full Extension: The Snatch and Clean

                     USA Weightlifting Staffing Restructure

May 8, 2016: Men's Olympic Trials Lock in Team for Pan American Championships

                   Morghan King, Sarah Robles and Jenny Arthur Headed to Rio 

May 7, 2016: Hall of Fame Inductees Recognized on Day 2 of USA Weightlifting National Championships

May 6, 2016: Seven Records Set on Day 1 of USA Weightlifting National Championships

May 5-9, 2016: Please note that the National Office will have limited staffing during this time period as a majority of our staff will be at the National Championships & Olympic Trials assisting run the event. 

May 4, 2016: Wednesday Word: Fearless Weightlifting 

                    April 2016 Donors

May 3, 2016: Team USA Wins 29 Medals at Junior Pan American Championships

May 2, 2016: Nationals and Trials Webcast Information

                    USA Weightlifting Names Competition and Coaching Committees

May 1, 2016: The Best Photos From Team USA's 100 Days Out Celebration

April 29, 2016: Feature Friday: IWF Lift the World Weightlifting Documentary

                      Board of Directors Meeting Minutes: April 8, 2016

                      Junior Pan Ams Daily Team Leader Report: April 29, 2016

April 28, 2016: Junior Pan Ams Daily Team Leader Report: April 28, 2016

April 27, 2016: Tommy Kono – A Weightlifter’s Weightlifter By Artie Drechsler

                      Wednesday Word: Putting the Cart Before the Horse: Lifting Prerequisites 

                      Junior Pan Ams Daily Team Leader Report: April 27, 2016

April 26, 2016: Junior Pan Ams Daily Team Leader Report: April 26, 2016

April 25, 2016: Junior Pan Ams Daily Team Leader Report: April 25, 2016

                      USAW & USOPA Honor the Life of Tommy Kono

April 22, 2016: Feature Friday: When to Breathe in Olympic Lifts

April 21, 2016: USA Weightlifting Appoints Phil Andrews as CEO

April 20, 2016: Wednesday Word: Incorporating Olympic Lifting into Your Program to Increase Speed Development 

April 18, 2016: Team USA Ready for Action at 2016 Junior Pan American Championships

                      Northern Michigan University Annual Student Athlete Recognition Banquet

April 15, 2016: Feature Friday: Norik Vardanian 164kg/195kg at Hookgrip Spartakiad Front View 

April 13, 2016: Wednesday Word: Why Young Girls Should Lift 

April 11, 2016: USA Weightlifting National Championships and U.S. Olympic Team Trials Less Than a Month Away

                     USA Weightlifting Announces Partnership with Ryoku

April 8, 2016: Feature Friday: The Biggest Challenge in Weightlifting: Your Mind

April 6, 2016: Wednesday Word: Daily Preparation: Your Checklist for Good Training

April 4, 2016: March 2016 Contributions
                   USA Weightlifting Athlete Borges Named Athlete Scholar of the Month

Aril 1, 2016: Feature Friday: Hook Grip

March 31, 2016: Seven Athletes to Represent Team USA at Aquece Rio Weightlifting Test Event

March 30, 2016: Wednesday Word: More Technique Work in the Jerk

March 28, 2016: 2016 American Open & 2017 American Open Final Set for Warm Locations

March 25, 2016: USA Weightlifting Announces 2016 - 2020 Direct Athlete Support Program

                         Feature Friday: Jessica Lucero 92 kg Snatch American Record

March 23, 2016: Powerlifting vs. Weightlifting for Athletic Performance 

March 22, 2016: USA Weightlifting Features Inaugural Coach Mentoring Program

March 18, 2016: Feature Friday: Getting Under a Heavy Bar 

March 17, 2016: Task Force and Targeted Reanalysis for Rio

March 16, 2016: Support Systems: Lifting You Up vs. Dragging You Down

March 15, 2016: Spring 2016 E-Magazine

March 14, 2016: 2016 IWF Grand Prix & Russian President's Cup Next Up

March 11, 2016: Feature Friday: Melanie Roach (53 kg), 98 kg and 101 kg Clean & Jerk

                        Board of Director Meeting Minutes: February 29, 2016

                        Board of Director Meeting Minutes: March 2, 2016

March 9, 2016: Wednesday Word: Specialize Your Warm-up

March 4, 2016: Feature Friday: Better Results in Competition 

                      Committee Nominations

                      2017 National Junior Championships Qualifying Totals

March 3, 2016: National Team Coach Leadership Education Program

March 2, 2016: Pan American Federation Electoral Congress Results

                      Wednesday Word: Weightlifting Mesocycles: Part 4

March 1, 2016: Changes to the Coaching Rating System

                       February 2016 Contributions

February 26, 2016: Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 2/24/16

                            Feature Friday: 2015 WWC Training Hall: Lee, Johnson, King Winters

February 23, 2016: Wednesday Word: Weightlifting Mesocycles: Part 3

February 22, 2016: Your First National Level Competition Series: Part 4

February 18, 2016: 2/12-14/2016 Board of Directors meeting minutes

                            2016 American Open Qualifying Totals

                            Feature Friday: Mind Games in Competition

February 17, 2016: Wednesday Word: Weightlifting Mesocycles: Part 2

February 16, 2016: Athletes Heading to Pennsylvania for National Junior Championships and Senior Trials 

                           USA Weightlifting seeks CEO Search Committee Members

February 15, 2016: Your First National Level Competition Series: Part 3

February 12, 2016: Feature Friday: 2015 WWC Training Hall: Lee, Rogers, Cummings, Winters and Hernandez

February 10, 2016: Wednesday Word: Weightlifting Mesocycles: Part 1

February 9, 2016: Your First National Level Competition Series: Part 2

February 5, 2016: Feature Friday: Mattie Rogers, 1.5 Years of Snatches 

                           January 2016 Contribution List

                           Maddy Myers NOW the 2015 Jr Pan American Bronze Medalist

                          February Giveaway Contest

February 4, 2016: USA Weightlifting Returns to Baton Rogue 

February 3, 2016: Wednesday Word: Weightlifting Competition Warm-ups

February 1, 2016: Your First National Level Competition Series: Part 1

January 29, 2016: Feature Friday: Rise of CJ Cummings 

January 27, 2016: Wednesday Word: Does Your Athlete Lift Heavy Weights In Competition?

January 26, 2016: 2016 Olympic Games Coaching Selection Procedures

                          2016 Olympic Games Team Leader Procedures

January 25, 2016: U.S. Olympic Committee Announces U.S. Center For Safe Sport Board Of Directors

January 23,2016: Feature Friday: Jenny Arthur 106kg Snatch + 138kg C&J American Record

January 20,2016: Wednesday Word: Future of Weightlifting in Florida

January 19, 2016:  Posting for Chief Executive Officer USA Weightlifting

                            2016 Olympic Games Eligibility Ranking Lists Eligibility Credits 

January 15, 2016: 2016 Board of Directors' Conference Call/Meeting Minutes, January 12, 2016

                           Feature Friday: Charis Chan 84 kg / 86 kg / 88 kg Snatch Comparison

January 13, 2016: Wednesday Word: Preventing Muscle Imbalances in Weightlifting

January 12, 2016:  2015 USOC Challenge Grant Program

                           2015 Senior American Record Payments

                           USA Weightlifting Names Jenny Arthur to 2016 U.S. Olympic Team

                           Olympic Selection Procedures

January 8, 2016: Feature Friday: 2015 WWC Training Hall: Alex Lee, Morghan King, Kathleen Winters

January 6, 2016: Wednesday Word: Controlling the Tornado: Planning Your Weightlifting Training

January 5, 2016: 2015 December Contribution List

January 1, 2016: Feature Friday: Alex Lee 140kg Snatch American Record at 2015 Worlds
                        January Giveaway Contest