December 22, 2014-National Office Holiday Closure Schedule

December 17, 2014-2014 Winter Magazine

                             USA Weightlifting Board of Directors Results of a Mail Vote 

     2014 American Open Eleiko Photo Gallery

    United States To Bid For 2024 Olympic And Paralympic Games

December 14, 2014-American Open: Day 3 Results

December 13, 2014-American Open: Day 2 Results

December 12, 2014-American Open: Day 1 Results

December 11, 2014-American Open: Final Start List & Schedule

December 5, 2014-Feature Friday: Vance Newgard Interview

December 2, 2014-USA Weightlifting Announces Partnership with Rehband

November 26, 2014-Wednesday Word: Peer Pressure Is a Good Thing

November 21, 2014-Feature Friday: For Me. Inspirational Olympic Weightlifting, Hailee Lollar

November 19, 2014-Wednesday Word Article: Getting Under the Split Jerk Properly

November 18, 2014-Technical Director Candidates Announced

November 14, 2014-Feature Friday: Colin Burns at the 2014 National Championships

November 13, 2014-Election Update

November 12, 2014-Wednesday Word: Squat Stance & the Olympic Lifts By: Greg Everett 

November 10, 2014-2014 World Championship Team Leader Report
                             IWF New Logo Approved by The IWF Congress

November 7, 2014-Feature Friday: IWF Lift the Limit Feature Video

November 6, 2014-Dallas to Host 2015 USA Weightlifting National Championships

    2015 Banner Contest Results: Colin Burns (1025 votes) & Morghan King (686 votes) 

November 5, 2014-Wednesday Word: Your Arms Are Like Ropes. True or False?

    Photo Gallery: Team USA training at the 2014 World Championships

November 4, 2014-2014 World Championship Sneak Peek Photo Gallery

November 3, 2014-America’s Best Prepares for 2014 IWF World Championships and Olympic Qualification Event

November 1, 2014-2014 World Championship Team Incentive Funding Opportunity

October 31, 2014-2015 Pan Am Games Qualifying Procedures

                          Feature Friday Video: Dmitry Klokov Demonstrating Paused Front Squat Plus Back Squat 

October 30, 2014-Preparing with Composure for the World Stage

October 29, 2014-Wednesday Word: Feel it First: Technique Corrections

October 28, 2014 -NGC Re-opens Nominations for Technical Director to the Board

October 22, 2014-Wednesday Word: I lost my technique, and now I'm upset

October 20, 2014-Youth Invitational & Colorado Open Results

October 17, 2014-Feature Friday: Forearm Mobility for Weightlifting

October 16, 2014-USA Weightlifting Hosting International Youth Invitational in Colorado Springs Press Release

  2014 Youth Invitational and COS Open Combined Start Lists Final Start List

                          Fifteen American Standouts to Compete at World University Weightlifting Championships

October 15, 2014-Wednesday Word: Warming-up Early By: Greg Everett

October 8, 2014-American Open Registration Ranking Update

                        National Junior Registration Ranking Update

Wednesday Word: Adapting to the Grind: Mental Toughness & Visualization for Weightlifting

October 3, 2014-Feature Friday: Weightlifting Athlete Krystal Cantu Clean & Jerks with 1 arm

October 2, 2014-Texas Barbell: 2014 National Champion Men's Team

October 1, 2014-Board Election Procedures

                        2014 Fall Magazine
  2015 National Junior Championships Entry Form         

                        Wednesday Word: Learning from your Misses                      

September 28, 2014-2014 National University Day 3 Results

September 27, 2014-2014 National University Day 2 Results

September 26, 2014-2014 National University Day 1 Results

September 25, 2014-2014 National University Start List & Schedule

September 24, 2014-Mobility for People Who Hate Doing Mobility

September 23, 2014-Update on Board terms

                              MDUSA: 2014 National Championship Women's Team

                              Response to answer inquiries regarding the recent Board of Directors’ election/selection announcement

September 22, 2014-2014 National University Championships Event Press Release                          

September 19, 2014-Feature Friday: Inside The Anti-Doping Lab

September 18, 2014-Having an Extraordinary Vision for Weightlifting: Zygmunt Smalcerz

September 17, 2014-Wednesday Word: 20 Tips That Will Make You Better at Olympic Weightlifting Written By Chet Morjaria of Strength Education

September 15, 2014-Board Nominations Under Way

                               Masters Camp Feature Story

September 12, 2014-Feature Friday: All Comers Camp Training Video

September 11, 2014-2014 Masters World Championships, Team USA Results

September 10, 2014-Northern Michigan University-Olympic Training Site Weightlifter Brian Budd Travels to South Africa

                             Wednesday Word: Heaving Snatch Balance: I'm Sorry for Doubting You

September 8, 2014-Registration deadline extended for 16-17 Youth World Championships Trials in Colorado Springs

September 5, 2014-Feature Friday: USA Weightlifting Masters Camp

September 3, 2014-Wednesday Word: Predicting your 1 RM

                               2014 National University Championships Start List Update

2014 American Open Ranking Update

September 1, 2014-The National Office will be closed in observation of the holiday.  Normal business hours will resume September 2, 2014. 

August 29, 2014-Feature Friday: Weightlifting Promises

2014 National University Championships Start List & Schedule

World Team Trials Final Qualifier Start List & Schedule 

August 28, 2014-Be a Volunteer in Rio

Athletes Gain Life Skills Through YOG Culture And Education Program

USA Weightlifting Honors the Life of Dick "Smitty" Smith

August 27, 2014-Wednesday Word: 5 MUSCLES TO STRETCH TO HELP YOUR LIFTS

August 25, 2014-World Championship Team Ranking Update

August 21, 2014-Four Elite USA Weightlifting Athletes to Compete at 2014 Russian Federation Presidents Cup

August 20, 2014-Wednesday Word:Body Image & bodyweight in weightlifting By Jessica Salvaggio

August 18, 2014-American Open Championships Ranking & Registration Information

                         2015 Youth World Championships Qualification

                         Debbie Millet Carroll to Receive Connect Sports Volunteer of the Year Award

August 15, 2014-Revised Qualification Procedures: 2014 American Open and All 2015 National Events

                          Feature Friday: Deadlifts for Olympic Lifts?

August 13, 2014 -Update on Russian President's Cup Participants

                          Wednesday Word: What the Heck are the Youth Olympic Games?

                          Adapting to a New Level: Youth Olympian Ryan Sennett

                          Revised Qualification Procedures: 2014 American Open and All 2015 National Events

August 12, 2014-Immersed in the Moment-Youth Olympian Deirdre Lenzsch

August 8, 2014-Feature Friday: Altitude Athletics Feature

August 7, 2014-New 2014 International Competition Opportunity

                       USA Weightlifting National Juniors Joins OKC’s Bart & Nadia Sports Festival

August 6, 2014-USA Weightlifting World Team Trials (Pittsburgh) start list

                        Wednesday Word: Flexibility Training with Cirque du Soleil By USA Weightlifting Director of Coaching Education Michael Conroy

                        USA Weightlifting Announces Partnership with Goat Tape

August 1, 2014-Feature Friday: How to use Olympic Weightlifting straps safely

July 31, 2014-Cirque du Soleil & USA Weightlifting Incorporating Power Through Partnership

                     USA Weightlifting to Host Central Region Camp

                     2015 USA Weightlifting National Youth Championships head to the Mall of America

July 30, 2014-Wednesday Word: The Secret Food of Athletes: Inside the Olympic Training Center's Nutrition Lab By Nick Heil

July 25, 2014-World Championship Ranking Update

                     2014 National Championships 94kg A Session Webcast Video

                      Feature Friday: Olympic Weightlifting - Snatch Practice with GoPro

July 24, 2014-Olympic Training Center Hosting Elite Youth Junior Camp

                     USA Weightlifting and CoachesAid National Championships 94kg A Session

July 23, 2014-Cummings, Several Others Set American Records in Salt Lake City

                      Wednesday Word: 6 OLYMPIC WEIGHTLIFTING HABITS TO BREAK TODAY!

July 22, 2014-Being Interchangeable-Success in Olympic Weightlifting Breeds Success in CrossFit

July 21, 2014-International Team Trials Opportunities Update

July 20, 2014-National Championships Final Results

July 16, 2014-Wednesday Word: Competition Preparation: Don't Forget the Details Greg Everett

July 15, 2014-Early Edition of the Wednesday Word: PACK THE RIGHT WAY FOR NATIONALS!

July 11, 2014-Feature Friday: Sub 3 Minutes with Lauren Fisher

July 9, 2014-Youth Team Rankings Update
   American Records Update
                   Wednesday word: THINGS NEW WOMEN WEIGHTLIFTERS SHOULD KNOW 

July 7, 2014-July 2014 Magazine

July 4, 2014-The National Office will be closed in observation of the July 4th holiday.  Normal business
                   hours will resume July 7, 2014. 

July 3, 2014-USA Weightlifting Sends Team to Pan Am Sports Festival

July 2, 2014- Athlete Reps Elected to Coaching Education, Competition Committees

  Team Ranking Updates

                  Wednesday Word: 4 WAYS TO INSTANTLY IMPROVE YOUR SNATCH

June 23, 2014-International Team Trials Opportunities

June 11, 2014-Wednesday Word: Hitting A Goal: A Bodyweight Snatch 

June 4, 2014-USA Weightlifting to Host International Youth Invitational in Colorado Springs

                      The Wednesday Word: The Snatch Overhead Position

May 30, 2014-Committee Update

May 29, 2014-Darrel Barnes Medal Advancement


May 28, 2014-Wednesday Word: Understanding the Olympic Lifts

                     Pan Am Championships Live Webcast Link

                     2014 Pan Am Championships-Team USA Schedule

                     2014 Pan Am Championships Day 1 Team Leader Report

                     2014 National Youth Championships Updated Start List

                      2014 National Youth Championships-Hotel, Venue, Airport Driving Directions

May 26, 2014-The National Office will be closed in observation of Memorial Day.  Normal business hours will resume May 27, 2014. 

May 22, 2014 - American Records Update
                       Youth Olympic Games Ranking

May 16, 2014-Magazine Cover Contest Voting

May 15, 2014-Committee Elections Begin

May 14, 2014-Club Insurance Clarification

     Wednesday Word: 4 Fundamentals of Elite Olympic Weightlifting

May 12, 2014-Coaching Education Committee Nominations Extended

May 9, 2014-2014 Youth Pan Am Team Show Case

May 7, 2014-Update on Committee Nominations

                    Wednesday Word: Snatch and Clean Extension: Be Patient

May 2, 2014-Team USA Youth Pan American Championships Camp

                    Feature Friday: Motivational video showcasing some current and not-so-current lifting

April 30, 2014-Wednesday Word: The Olympic Squat By Greg Everett

April 25, 2014-Feature Friday: What do Olympic Champions do in their backyards!?

April 23, 2014-Wednesday Word: Lessons from Romania By: Matt Foreman

April 16, 2014-Wednesday Word: The Sots Press By Greg Everett

April 15, 2014-Team Rankings Update

April 11, 2014-Nominations for Competition, Coaching Education Committee Open

      American Records Update

April 9, 2014-Wednesday Word: Yay Burpees! An Interview with Mike Burgener By Robb Wolf

April 6, 2014-Day 5 Results of the 2014 Junior Pan Am Championships

April 5, 2014- Day 4 Results of the 2014 Junior Pan Am Championships

April 4, 2014-Day 3 Results of the 2014 Junior Pan Am Championships

             Feature Friday: Feature #1

                     Feature Friday: Feature #2

April 3, 2014-Day 2 Results of the 2014 Junior Pan Am Championships

April 2, 2014-Wednesday Word: From the Floor to Overhead By Dan John

                    Day 1 Results of the 2014 Junior Pan Am Championships

March 31, 2014-2014 Team USA Junior Pan American Championships Press Release

March 28, 2014-Feature Friday: MDUSA Afternoon Training

March 27, 2014-2014 American Open

March 26, 2014-2014 Junior Pan Am, Reno Open, Trials Session Schedule

Wednesday Word: Pulling, Pushing, and Thinking: Extended connections between Olympic Lifting and Powerlifting By: Matt Foreman

March 24, 2014-2014 National University Championships Registration

2014 Junior Pan Am Championships Provisional Start List

Board Meeting Minutes from 3/12/14

March 21, 2014-2014 National University Hotel Information

                        2014 Junior Pan American Championships Camp

March 19, 2014-The Wednesday Word: Spanish Weightlifting Team visits the Arnold

March 17, 2014-Kendrick Farris Selected as Youth Olympic Games Athlete Role Model

March 14, 2014-Feature Friday: Motivation Training & PR compilation !

March 12, 2014-Team rankings update

The Wednesday Word: The importance of stability for weightlifting performance and how to achieve it

March 11, 2014-2014 National University Championships Event Location & Date Announcement

March 7, 2014-Feature Friday: Olympic Weightlifting Goes GoPro

March 5, 2014-Ranking List Update POST Trials Session at the Arnold

                      Wednesday Word: The Acid-Alkaline Question By Yael Grauer

February 28, 2014-Feature Friday: Kendrick Farris 2013 WUG Clean & Jerks

February 26, 2014-Arnold Classic Weightlifting Championships Webcast Information & Directions

   Arnold & Hassle Free Trials Start Lists

   American Records Update

February 25, 2014-Check out our APP!

February 24, 2014-Kendrick Farris FISU Bronze to Silver Medal!

                            Magazine Cover Photo Contest

February 21, 2014-Feature Friday: Olympic Training Center PR Reel

February 20, 2014-2014 National Junior Championships Video Archive

February 19, 2014-The Wednesday Word: Patellar Tendonitis: Cause, Effect, and Treatment for Olympic Weightlifters By: Jay Huhn
            2014 National Youth Championship Registration & Ticket Sales

                             2014 USA Weightlifting Reno Open Hotel & Registration Information

February 13, 2014-2013 American Open Championships Video Archives

    2014 National Championships Ticket Sales are now LIVE!

February 12, 2014-Olympic Weightlifting Safety

February 7, 2014-Feature Friday: Jenny Arthur hits some PR's off the blocks

February 5, 2014-The Wednesday Word: Low-Level Plyometric Dot Drills

                          Trials Sessions for 2014 International Competitions

February 2, 2014-Day 3 National Junior Championships Results

February 1, 2014-Day 2 National Junior Championships Results

January 31-2014-Day 1 National Junior Championships Results

January 31, 2014-National Pre-School Fitness Day, How to lift your children properly!

                          Feature Friday: 2014 National Junior Championships Promo Reel

January 29, 2014-The Wednesday Word: When Loose is a Compliment By: Greg Everett

January 24, 2014-Coaches General Liability Program

                          Feature Friday: Team Muscle Driver USA Team Training

January 22, 2014-Cryotherapy By: Mark Smith

January 17, 2014-Feature Friday: All is Hell That Ends Well

January 15, 2014-Wednesday Word: Olympic level help in keeping New Year's resolutions


January 10, 2014-Feature Friday: When Pokémon meets Weightlifting Brett Silvers 69kg new PR

January 8, 2014-Wednesday Word:Olympic Lifting Safe & Greater Performance Benefit for Children

January 3, 2014-2014 Pan American Championships Ranking List Post American Open

                        Feature Friday: 2013 A Look Back on a Great Year!