December 27, 2013-Feature Friday: Goal setting with Olympian Natalie Burgener



December 23, 2013-2014 National Youth Championships Press Release

                            December 2013 E-Magazine

December 20, 2013-Feature Friday: US and foreign lifters have lifted some huge lifts and PRs on our shores. Watch them test their limits and triumph in this lift compilation

                             United States Selected to Host Junior Pan American Championships

December 18, 2013-Wednesday Word: How to Properly Order Exercises in Your Weightlifting Session By: Bob Takano

                              IWF 2013-2016 Errata Rules Amendments

December 13, 2013-Feature Friday: Athlete Compilation-Bruce Lee "Water"

December 11, 2013-Wednesday Word: Proper Rack Positioning in the Clean and Jerk (and How to Adjust Mid-Lift)

December 4, 2013-Wednesday Word: The 1,000 Rep Problem By: Matt Foreman

December 2, 2013-Board Adopts Addendum to IWF Technical Rules 

November 28-29, 2013-The National Office will be CLOSED in observations of the Thanksgiving Holiday

November 27, 2013-Wednesday Word: Missing Lifts in Training By: Greg Everett

November 26, 2013-2014 National Championships Press Release

November 25, 2013-USAW Athletes to Compete at IWF Grand Prix

November 22, 2013-2014 USAW International Competition Reference Guide For Athletes

                             2013 American Open Championships-Event Layout

                            2013 American Open Championships-Revised Schedule 

                             Feature Friday: Frank Rothwell's Olympic Weightlifting History Wes Barnett and K Starikovitch 1996 Olympics

November 20, 2013-Wednesday Word-USAW Female Athletes Recognized as Pioneers of Sport

November 16, 2013-2013 American Open Provisional Schedule & Start List

November 15, 2013-Feature Friday: Tara Nott, 2000 Olympic Champion

November 13, 2013-Wednesday Word: Maximal Neuromuscular Power Depends On Specific Characteristics Of The Central Nervous System

November 8, 2013-Feature Friday: Halloween at the Olympic Training Center

November 6, 2013-Wednesday Word:Athlete Self Monitoring, the importance of logging your workout and keeping a diary By Leo Isaac (From Australian Newsletter)

November 1, 2013-Feature Friday: China's Zhou Lulu 182kg C&J

October 30. 2103-Wednesday Word: The Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting By: WOD Talk

October 29, 2013-2015 Event RFP & Bid Application

October 25, 2013-2013 American Open Exclusive Membership benefit Dallas Cowboys Stadium Opportunity

                          2014 National Junior Championships Information & Registration

                         Feature Friday: Catalyst Athletics Training

October 23, 2013-Wednesday Word: An Exploration of Balance and Skill in Olympic Weightlifting

October 18, 2013-Feature Friday: Team USA World Championships Unveiling

October 16, 2013-Wednesday Word: Q&A With Coach John Coffee

October 11, 2013-2014 Qualifying Totals

                         Feature Friday: World Team Prep Event (Men's Session)

October 9, 2013-Wednesday Word: 3 Common Mistakes Made in the Snatch By Colin Burns

October 4, 2013-Feature Friday: D'Angelo Osorio 235kg front squat

October 2, 2013-2013 National Championships Archives

                        Wednesday Word: External Lifting Cues By Wil Fleming

September 30, 2013-USAW names 2013 IWF World Championships Team

September 27, 2013-Feature Friday: Need some motivation? Watch this video!

September 26, 2013-September 2013 E-Zine

September 25, 2013-The Wednesday Word: A Technical Description Of The Pull In Weightlifting by Sean Waxman

September 23, 2013- Board Policy Update: Athletes Stipends During Provisional Doping Suspensions

                               Directors and Officers Insurance for USAW Clubs

September 20, 2013-Feature Friday: Kyle Ernst hitting some Power PR's!

September 18, 2013-Athlete Blog: Untold Strength by Donovan Ford, NEW BLOG POST

                                 Wednesday Word: Olympic Weightlifting Training Glossary: Terms All Good Coaches Must Understand By: Bob Takano 

                                 2013 American Open Championships Information & Registration

September 13, 2013-Feature Friday: Jenny Arthur hitting some BIG lifts ! (100kg/220lb snatch and 130kg/286lb Clean & Jerk)

September 11, 2013-Wednesday Word: Comparative analysis of weightlifting results at the London 2012 Olympic Games

September 9, 2013-Jasha Faye elected Grassroots director to the Board

September 6, 2013-Feature Friday: Olympic Training Center Training Video "Whispers in the Dark"


September 4, 2013-The Wednesday Word: Blue Collar Recovery By Glen Pendlay

                            Journey Of Champions presented by Liberty Mutual Insurance: Katie Uhlaender And Sarah  Hughes Talk Monkey Business

August 30, 2013-Feature Friday: Kollin Cockrell goes Super Saiyan

August 28, 2013-Wednesday Word: Coaching a Group

August 27, 2013-American Records Update

August 21, 2013-Updates and 3rd Period Rankings for DASD and WerkSan Junior Program

                        Wednesday Word: Recovery tips for Olympic Weightlifters

August 28, 2013-2014 Proposed National Event Schedule

                        Wednesday Word: Coaching a Group-Olympic Weightlifting

August 17, 2013-Sub 15 Pan American Championships, Day 2 Results

August 16, 2013-Sub 15 Pan American Championships, Day 1 Results

                         Sub 15 Pan American Championships, LIVE Webcast Link

                         Feature Friday: 2013 Sub 15 Pan Am Championships promo video

August 14, 2013-The Wednesday Word: How hydrated are you ?

August 9, 2013-Feature Friday: A tribute to the past Champions

August 7, 2013- Grassroots Election Underway

                        Wednesday Word: Hitting Bottom: 3 Tools to Perfect Your Olympic Lifts By Bob Takano

August 6, 2013-2013 World Championships Ranking (post Junior Pan Am Championships)

                          American Records-updated

August 1, 2013-Day 1 Results from Junior Pan Am Championships

                        CEO Appointed to Safe Sport Working Group

July 31, 2013-Wednesday Word: Does it matter when I jump? By Ursula Garza Papandrea

July 29, 2013-2013 World Championships Ranking post National Championships

July 28, 2013-2013 Final Athlete & Team Results

July 27, 2013-Day 2 National Championships Results

July 26, 2013-Feature Friday: 2013 National Championships Promo

                       Day 1 National Championship Results

July 25, 2013-2013 National Championships Final Teams, Start List and Schedule

July 24, 2013-Wednesday Word: The Mental Switch By: Matt Foremena

July 23, 2013-USA Weightlifting partners with Northeastern University

July 22, 2013-Q & A with World University Games Medalist Kendrick Farris

                       American Records Update-post World University Games

                       Annual Meeting Notification

July 19, 2013-Feature Friday: It's About The Girls, OTC female athlete highlight

July 18, 2013-Grassroots Director – USA Weightlifting Board of Directors

                     Colorado Springs to Host World Team Trials-The Board of Directors is reviewing the recent posting of the notice regarding the World Team Trials. Complete details regarding this decision will be forthcoming. Thank you for your patience.

July 17, 2013-Correcting Press-out in the Jerk

July 16, 2013-15 & Under Pan American Ranking List

2014 National Junior Championships Location

July 15, 2013-2013 World Championships Ranking List Post Universiade

July 12, 2013-Feature Friday: Lifting at the OTC isn't always about technique-much of it revolves  around getting stronger.

                     World University Games Update

July 10, 2013-World Unviersity Games Update

                     Wednesday Word: Sleep 101

July 9, 2013-World Unviersity Games Update

July 8, 2013-World University Games Update

July 6, 2013-Feature Friday: Team USA 2013 World University Games Athlete Showcase

                   Update on previously announced Pan Am15U Championships in Shreveport, LA



July 3, 2013-Wednesday Word: Get Mental With the Psychology of Strength

July 2, 2013-United States Anti Doping Agency-Annual Report

July 1, 2013-National Youth Championships Referees

June-30, 2013-2013 National Youth Championships FINAL Results

June 29, 2013-2013 National Youth Championships Day 2 Results

June 28, 2013-2013 National Youth Championships-Day 1 Results

June 27, 2013-Feature Friday: Weightlifting Machines, Olympic Training Center Athletes Training

June 27, 2013-2013 Pan Am Championships photo and results upate

June 27, 2013-2013 National Youth Championships Final Schedule & Start List

                      LIVE WEBCAST OF 2013 National YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS

June 27, 2013-2013 National Youth Championships IMPORTANT INFORMATION

Please note the Verification of Final Entries & Technical Conference will now be held at the Missouri Western State University Griffon Indoor Sports Complex (the venue) and not the Ramada Inn (meet hotel). Location Address: 4525 Downs Drive, St. Joseph, MO 64507

June 26, 2013-Wednesday Word: Dropping Weights

June 25, 2013-USA Weightlifting to hold Talent Identification Sessions at 2013 National Championships

June 24, 2013-Team USA lift times at the 2013 Pan American Championships

June 21, 2013-Feature Friday: USA Weightlifting Resident Athlete Motivational Training Video

                     Feature Friday SPECIAL EDITION: Youth World Team Member Dominic Trozzi hitting PR's

June 20, 2013-Pan Am U15 Update

June 19, 2013-Wednesday Word: Why you need Olympic Weightlifting Shoes

June 12, 2013-Wednesday Word: Chesapeake weightlifter, Kyle Ernst, rebounds from skin cancer

June 10, 2013-Board to Appoint Ethics, Judicial Committees

June 7, 2013 -BOD Activity Update

                   World Championships Ranking

                   International Competition Reference Guide

                   Feature Friday: Olympic Weightlifting, for the love of the game

June 5, 2013-Wednesday Word: Ten Oly Truths By Olympian Fred Lowe

May 31, 2013-Nominations for Coaching Education, Competition Committees

                    Feature Friday: Catalyst Athletics Presents "Standard Warm Up"  

May 29, 2013-Wednesday Word: London 2012 Weightlifting Statistics

May 28, 2013-May 2013 USA Weightlifting Magazine

May 24, 2013-2013 National Championships Information

                     Feature Friday: Jared Fleming, 3x270kg back squat

May 22, 2013-Wednesday Word, Jerk Block Building Tutorial By: Greg Everett

May 20, 2013-2013 Summer Universidad support call to action

                    USAW announces partnership with

May 17, 2013-Feature Friday: The United States Olympic Committee's Run for Boston

May 10, 2013-Feature Friday: Olympic Weightlifting Beasts

May 8, 2013-Wednesday Word: -Olympics: Then vs. Now [infographic]

May 3, 2013-USA Weightlifting Athletes graduate from Northern Michigan University

May 1, 2013-Wednesday Word: The Physics of Olympic Bodies [infographic]

April 30, 2013-April Donor Update

April 29, 2013-2013 National Youth Championship Registration & Information

April 26, 2013-WerkSan Support for Junior Athletes

                      2013 Summer Universiade Ranking List

                       DASD 2nd Period Ranking List

                      Feature Friday: Olympic Weightlifting Motivation, The Powerful Russia

April 24, 2013-The Wednesday Word: An Illustrated History of Olympic Weightlifting

April 22, 2013-PROPOSED Coaching Ranking Changes

April 19, 2013-Feature Friday, Motivational Video 

April 17, 2013-He "Clarked" It!

April 15, 2013-National Championships Medal Design Contest

April 14, 2013-2013 Pan Am Championships Ranking List Updated

April 13, 2013-2013 Youth World Championships Update

April 12, 2013-Feature Friday: Mobilizing for the jerk position

April 10, 2013-Wednesday Word: Weight Lifting Can Benefit Breast Cancer Survivors

                     2013 Youth World Championships Updates       

April 9, 2013- 2013 Youth World Championships Updates

April 8, 2013-2013 National University Championships FINAL RESULTS

                     Pan Am & World Team Trials Session Results at the National University Championships

                     Video Archive of 2013 National University Championships

                     2013 Youth World Championships Update

                     Referee Participation, 2013 National University Championships

                     BOD Conference Call Minutes 3.6.13

April 7, 2013-2013 National University Championships Results UPDATED-Day 2

April 6, 2013-2013 National University Championships Results UPDATED-Day 1

April 3, 2013-American Records update

                     Team Website & Fan Pages

                     Photo Gallery Archives

March 29, 2013-Feature Friday: The battle between "Pocket Hercules" and Valerios Leonidis at the 1996 Olympic Games

March 28, 2013-Q&A with Sullivan Award finalist Darren Barnes

       The Wednesday Word: The Relationship Between Core Stability Functional Movement and Performance

March 22, 2013- Nominations Sought for Grassroots Director, NGC Members

                         Feature Friday: International Feature, A female weightlifter's story - Iraq

                          International Weightlifting Federation News letter #56

March 20, 2013-  2013 World University (Summer Universiade) Ranking and Eligibility                     

                          2014 Bid Application for USA Weightlifting National Events

    Wednesday Word: Infographic: Athletes and Supplements Under More Scrutiny Than Ever

March 15, 2013-Pan Am Ranking Update

                          Feature Friday: 2012 Olympic Games, Weightlifting Review

March 8, 2013-Feature Friday: In honor of International Women’s day this video celebrates past, current and future female Olympic Hero’s!

March 6, 2013-Wednesday Word: The Benefits of Weight Training for Children

March 3, 2013-2013 World & Pan Am Team Qualifier Videos

March 1, 2013-Feature Friday, Feature #1: Arnold Schwarzenegger discussing the importance of Olympic Weightlifting

Feature Friday, Feature #2: Compilation of Jon North lifting at the 2012 Arnold Classic

February 27, 2013-Training Athletes through Illness and Injury: By Vance Newgard

February 22, 2013-Feature Friday: 1962 World and European Weightlifting Championships, 75 kg class

February 21, 2013-Board of Directors' Update

February 19, 2013-Junior World, Youth World Rankings Update

February 19, 2013 - National Juniors Results

February 16, 2013-USAW Announces Passing of Board Member C.J. Bennett

February 15, 2013-Feature Friday: Weightlifting Inspiration 

                           National Juniors LIVE WEBCAST 

February 13, 2013-Wednesday Word: Hips Meet Bar By: Greg Everett

February 8, 2013-Feature Friday: Darrel Barnes, 1x170kg Front Squat at 62kg body weight

February 7, 2013-National Junior Updates: Tentative Lifting Schedule, Preliminary Start List

February 6, 2013-Wednesday Word: A fantastic article on the Advanced Pull Mechanics for Olympic Weightlifting by Ed W. Herger. 

February 4, 2103-National Junior Championships Preliminary Start List

February 1, 2013-Feature Friday: 2009 World Championships, 53kg. Women

January 30, 2013-Wednesday Word: A Debate Between Powerlifting and Olympic Lifting as the Main Athletic Training Method

January 25, 2013-Feature Friday: Olympic Weightlifting Heros

January 23, 2013-2013 Pan American Championships ranking list 

                         Wednesday Word: Competition Strategies, By: Michael Conroy

January 23, 2013-Please note that the 2013 National Championships dates have a been moved to July 26-28, 2013 to accommodate the Masters World Championships competitors and the AAU Junior Olympic competitors.  

All National & International Events can be found by visiting our calendar CLICK HERE

January 18, 2013-Non-national sanctioned event USADA testing opportunities & Barbell Certification     Opportunities

                          2013 Arnold Championships a World and Pan American Team Qualifier for USAW!

                          Feature Friday, 250kg. Clean & Jerk !

January 14, 2013-2013 E-Magazine

January 11, 2013-Election Results

                          Feature Friday, Olympic Champion Tara Nott-Cunningham

                          USA Weightlifting Representative to the IWF

January 9, 2013-Wednesday Word, Kids Lifting Weights? What side are you on? 

January 4, 2013-2013 National University Championships, General Information & Participant Contract

January 4, 2013-Feature Friday, The Amazing Pyrros Dimas Snatch 1995

January 3, 2013-Olympic Lifting College Courses


January 2, 2013  -Board of Directors Minutes 12.1.12

January 2, 2013 - Athlete Reference Guide for International Competition

January 2, 2013 - Qualifying Totals for National Events Update

January 2, 2013 - Direct Athlete Support and Development Program Update

January 2, 2013-Wednesday Word-Learning Technique Through Imitation

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