December 27, 2012-Feature Friday-What you are to me (Weightlifting)

December 14, 2012-2013 Youth and Junior World Rankings

                                world records and other astonishing lifts

December 11, 2012-American Open Referees

December 7, 2012-Feature Friday

November 30, 2012-Feature Friday, Lift for Life video part 2

November 29, 2012-LIVE webcast of the 2012 American Open

November 28, 2012- Winter Development Camp Announcement

                              Board Candidates

November 22-23, 2012-Please note the National Office will be closed November 22nd & 23rd.  

November 20, 2012-*NEW* Northern Michigan University (NMU) Training Video Web Page

November 19, 2012- 2012 AO Tentative Start List

November 16, 2012-2013 JWC Ranking List.  Post 2012 WUC

November 16, 2012-Feature Friday Video-Life For Life, How Marshall Cohen made a difference

November 9, 2012-Feature Friday-Holley Mangold, Weightlifting's Rock Star

November 6, 2012-World University Championship Updates From Eilat

November 2, 2012-Feature Friday Video-Gangnam Style: Team USA, Weightlifting at 2:06

November 1, 2012-2013 National Junior Weightlifting Championships Registration and Information 

October 30, 2012-American Records Update

October 29, 2012-2012 World University Championships Team Announcement

                           2012 American Open ticket information

October 25, 2012-2013 National Youth Championships' Qualifying Totals Announced

October 19, 2012-Feature Friday's Video: Olympic Coaching Tips, the clean & jerk in slo mo

October 19, 2012-Board Nominations and Elections

October 17, 2012- USAW's October E-Zine Available

October 12,2012-Feature Friday-Coaching Tips: the snatch in slo mo

October 10, 2012-Elections are right around the corner for USA Weightlifting’s representative to the USOC Athletes Advisory Council (AAC) and three replacement members to the serve on the USAW Board of Directors.  Per USAW Bylaws, Section 5.2, In order to be eligible to vote in an election, an individual shall only be allowed to vote in one (1) membership category; must be at least eighteen (18) years of age; and must be a member of USAW, with fully paid dues, sixty (60) days prior to the date of an election. For purposes of clarification, any individual who is a member of more than one (1) membership category shall designate the membership category in which he or she shall vote.

Members are encouraged to check their membership status immediately and update their contact information, including email address, in the on line registration system.  Additional information will soon be available at and will be emailed to all current members.  

October 5, 2012

We are excited to announce a new video section of our website.  USAW will be releasing a YouTube video every Friday to get your weekend started off right. These videos will range from historical, instructional, and training videos, or a look into other competitions and athletes from around the globe.

To kick off our first featured video we would like to share with you the first of four instructional videos produced by the USOC prior to the 2012 London Summer Games that was just shared with us yesterday.  

The USOC selected 3-time Olympic coach Jim Schmitz for the video series. 

Click HERE to be directed to our feature video, enjoy!!!!

October 12, 2012-Feature Friday-Olympic Coaching Tips: The Snatch in Slo Mo

October 3, 2012-International Weightlifting Federation Newsletter Vol. 47

October 1, 2012-US Olympic Education Center-Weightlifters Lift Personal Records

September 28, 2012-2012 Membership contribution list updated

September 27, 2012-2012 Youth World Championships photographs courtesy of Coach Kerri Goodrich

September 18, 2012-Athletes personal fan page list!

                               Youth World Championships Information & Updates

September 17, 2012-2012 Youth World Championships LIVE Feed

                              2012 Youth World Championships Start List

                              2012 Youth World Championships Schedule

September 14, 2012-Michigan Boasts Weightlifting Talent

September 13, 2012-2013 National Championships, West Chester, Ohio

September 8, 2012-2012 American Open and Youth World Team Trials Information Page

August 27, 2012-2013 National Youth Championships, St. Joseph, Missouri

                         2013 National University Championships, East Tennessee State University 

August 22, 2012-USA Weightlifting Olympic Team Alumni (UPDATED)

August 21, 2012-Updated Jennifer Roy Award Recipients 

                         Updated 2012 Member Contributions 

August 16, 2012-Former national-level weightlifter Jasha Faye brings Olympic dream to coaching

August 14,

August 13, 2012-Olympic weightlifter Joe Dube reflects on career

August , 9, 2012-NPR Radio Interviews 2008 US Olympian Melanie Roach On How To Approach a Lift

August 9, 2012-NY Times Breaks Down the 247kg Gold Medal Winning C&J

August 9, 2012-Jennifer Roy Medal Recipients 

August 7, 2012-Artie Dreschler makes a case for facilities to start their own weightlifting program

August 5, 2012-Robles finishes 7th, Mangold 10th in London Games

August 1, 2012-Medal Memories: Peter George

July 30, 2012-Weightlifting Updates From London

July 27, 2012-USA Weightlifting App now available on iTunes

July 26, 2012-Medal Memories: Isaac Berger

July 25, 2012-Entertainment Weekly Lists The Best And Worst Olympic Mascots Through The Years

July 23, 2012-The World Is Watching: All Eyes Are On Holley Mangold

July  23, 2012-SI's Olympic Weightlifting Preview

July 19, 2012-2012 USAW Hall of Fame Inductees

July 19, 2012-Hope Stockel Makes Sports Illustrated

July 17, 2012-New Yorker Article : "The Strongest Man In The World"

July 17, 2012-2012 London Games Final Entry List

July 17, 2012-Medal Memories:Tara Cunningham

July 12, 2012-2012 World University Championships Ranking REVISED

July 9, 2012-Watch Team USA Live!

July 9, 2012-Vail Ski Club Visits OTC

July 6, 2012-USAW Recognizes Referees

July 5, 2012-David Berger to be Inducted Into National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame

July 3, 2012-A Look Inside the Olympic Village

July 2nd, 2012-Robles-Once A Spectator, Now An Olympian

June 29, 2012-Youth World Championships Ranking Update

June 25, 2012-2012 Youth National Championships recap and results

June 22, 2012-Youth World Championship Qualification Updates

June 21, 2012-Michael Conroy Joins USAW as Director of Coaching Education

June 20, 2012-National Youth Championships Live From Dearborn

June 15, 2012-Holley Mangold to Appear on HBO's Real Sports

June 15, 2012-BTI/World University Games Press Release

June 13, 2012-New Awards To Be Presented at National Youth Championships

June 13, 2012-University World Qualification Procedures and Ranking Update

June 12, 2012-Updated American Records

June 12, 2012-Updated Youth National Championships Tentative Start List

June 12, 2012-2012 Youth National Championships Press Release

June 6, 2012-2012 Summer Development Camp

June 4, 2012-2012 Olympic Games Ranking Post Pan Am Championships

June 4, 2012-2012 Olympic Games Qualification Totals Post Pan Am Championships

May 30, 2012-USA Weightlifting announces Nike as New sponsor !

May 29, 2012-Keep up to date with all of the media coverage involving your 2012 United States Olympic     Weightlifting Team

May 23, 2012-Northern Michigan University Coaching Announcement: Vance Newgard

                     2013 National Junior Championships Location

May 21, 2012-2012 US Olympic Men's Team: Kendrick Farris

May 18, 2012-Daily update from the 2012 Junior World Championships & Pan American Championships

May 17, 2012-Daily update from the 2012 Junior World Championships & Pan American Championships

May 16, 2012-Daily update from the 2012 Junior World Championships & Pan American Championships

                    USAW Seeks CEO & Coaching Education Director

May 15, 2012-Daily update from the 2012 Junior World Championships & Pan American Championships

May 14, 2012-Daily update from the 2012 Junior World Championships & Pan American Championships

May 13, 2012-Daily update from the 2012 Junior World Championships & Pan American Championships

                     Video links to Ellen Kercher & Darren Barnes performances at the 2012 Jr Worlds/Pan Ams

     Daily update from the 2012 Junior World Championships & Pan American Championships

May 10, 2012-May 2012 E-Magazine

                     Caleb Williams detailed training log from May E-Magazine

                      NEW Transformation CONTEST!

April 26, 2012-New Olympic Training Site

April 23, 2012-2012 National University Championships Photo Information

April 18, 2012-2012 Youth Championships Information

                      Cheryl Haworth Interview Event

April 17, 2012-Coaching Education Director Position-Jobs and Internships Page

                      2012 National University Championships Wrap Up

April 15, 2012-2012 National University Championships FINAL RESULTS


April 14, 2012-2012 National University Championships Day 2 Results

*Please NOTE-The last two sessions of Day 2 are not listed on the results above and will be updated on Sunday morning

April 13, 2012-USA Weightlifting Jobs & Internship Page

                     2012 National University Championships Day 1 RESULTS

April 12, 2012-2012 National University FINAL Start List and Schedule

                      Announcement of the passing of Mike Cady

                      Lindenwood University Coaching Update

April 11, 2012-2012 National University Championships Press Release

                      2012 National University Championships updated start list as of 4/10/12

April 10, 2012-Team USA 2012 Pan American Championships Announcement

                      Team USA 2012 Junior World Championships Announcement

                      National University Championships-Round Table Discussion

April 9, 2012-National University Championships-Webcast Information

                    Nick News Olympic Hopeful Episode

April 4, 2012-2013 BIDS-Important Updated Information-Target Dates

                     STRONG! Documentary featuring Cheryl Haworth

                     Feature Friday, 250kg. Clean & Jerk !