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Pack the Right Way For Nationals!

At nationals, Don McCauley and myself (Travis Cooper) will be conducting a quick seminar on what to expect for newer lifters and coaches.  The seminar will be at the competition venue so it will be too late to help the lifters and coaches pack accordingly.  Given that Don and I have been to countless meets, we were able to put together a list with some obvious and not so obvious things to pack.


For the Lifter


1) Scale 

With an influx of competitors at national meets it pays to bring your own scale that you can keep in the bathroom of your hotel room.  Step one at a weightlifting meet is to make weight so be prepared with your own scale!


2) Sauna Suit

Remember, making weight is step one and even if you will not need to sweat out any last minute KGs you never know which one of your friends might come unprepared. Every meet has different conditions for cutting weight and you never know the status of the local sauna until you get there.


3) Pedialyte

After weigh-ins you will want to replentish your body of electrolytes.  Pedialyte is the best way to do this quickly.


4) Drivers License or Passport

At weigh-ins you will need proper ID to identify yourself.  Having one of these should not be a problem due to the fact that most people will be flying, but if you are riding in a car do not forget your ID.


5) USAW Card

At weigh-ins you will need your USAW membership card.  It is recommended to have a hard copy on hand for weigh-ins.


6) Pack Competition Gear in Carry-on

Pack your singlet, shoes, knee sleeves, wrist wraps, belt, and tape on your carry-on bag.  Even in the recent past I have seen a lifter pack their shoes and knee sleeves in their checked baggage and they do not get it before competition.  Most things you can replace easily, but you will not get used to lifting in a new pair of shoes or lifting without knee sleeves on the spot!

For the Coach


1) Copies of all of Your Lifters' IDs

The lifters will need ID at weigh-ins so it pays to have a copy of their license/Passport and USAW membership card just in case.


2) Medications

Any medications that you or your team might need on the trip should be packed.   


3) Credit Cards and Cash

Make sure you have some cash on hand.  Most places take credit cards these days, but places that do not take them still exists.


4) Small Notebook with Pen

A notebook can help you keep track of counting attempts, and any notes or contact information you might get over the weekend.


5) Copy of Schedule and Start List

The schedule and start list is subject to change up to the tech meeting, but going in it helps to have a full schedule planned and a start list showing which of your lifters are in what session.


6) Copies of All Lifters' Insurance Information

As one of the least though of essentials, be prepared in case God forbid any of your lifters get extremely sick or injured during the competition.  Nationals is a high level competition with lifters going to the limits of their capabilities. 


7) Pack Essentials on your Carry-on

Pack all of the important documents mentioned above, coaching clothes, shoes, and any clothes you need to deliver to lifters in your carry-on baggage!


8) Team Competition Kit

Packing a team competition kit with tape, shoe laces, elastic, scissors, ammonia, an extra singlet and socks, and bandages may come in handy when you least expect.


Do not get caught with your pants down!  Consider the list that we came up with and make sure you are not missing any essentials.

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