As the National Governing Body for Olympic Weightlifting in the United States, we are charged by both Congress and the United States Olympic Committee to oversee all aspects of the sport of Weightlifting and we consider safety be foremost among those aspects. Even where weightlifting may not be practiced as a sport, but elements of the sport may be practiced, we want you to know that USA Weightlifting has a safety initiative that we are sharing with the entire weightlifting community.

This safety material is designed to communicate the concepts of weightlifting safety to everyone that participates in or coaches the Olympic lifts or elements of them. You can find our safety information on by CLICKING HERE.

In addition, USA Weightlifting offers its services to all organizations whose activities include weightlifting to assist those organizations in improving the safety and effectiveness of their programs. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to have USA Weightlifting work with your organization.

Feel free to share this information with anyone that uses or teaches the Olympic lifts. We believe that it is in the best interests of the weightlifting community to share information regarding weightlifting safety.