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These USA Weightlifting Coaches Stand By TrueCoach to Help Their Athletes. Here’s Why.

By TrueCoach | Feb. 07, 2023, 12:03 p.m. (ET)

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We Wanted to Know Why These 4 Coaches Love Using TrueCoach

At TrueCoach, we’re always looking for ways to help coaches and athletes make the most of their workout programs. That’s why feedback from coaches that use TrueCoach to help elevate their business is essential. Recently, we talked to four USA Weightlifting-certified coaches to find out what they love about our app. Here’s what they had to say. 

The interface is very nice. The way to exercise, put a video up, and write notes is very straightforward.

Joe Beck, USA Weightlifting Coach and Owner of Heroic Barbell Club

We found that many coaches that use TrueCoach had tried other methods in the past, whether manual programming in spreadsheets or using other third-party apps. Our interface makes programming, scheduling, messaging, and even payments simple.
What I get out of TrueCoach is efficiency. The way you can copy and paste. It’s super easy to take (a program), write it down, and move some numbers. It saves so much physical energy.

Michael McKenna, USA Weightlifting Coach and Owner of McKenna’s Gym

Almost everyone we talk to about TrueCoach can’t tell us enough how much they love the ease of programming for multiple clients. Gone are the days of spreadsheets and custom plans for every athlete. Not to mention, no more faxing or email attachments!
Coming from a time when receiving programs by fax and email were standard, TrueCoach made programming much more manageable.

Chad Vaughn, USA Weightlifting Coach and Two-Time Olympian

Chad Vaughn has been coaching since the 90s. He’s seen every programming iteration, from paper faxes to emails to Excel. The ease of sending out programming weekly to his clients has made his life much easier.
When everyone goes to the same meet, they’ll all have similar, if not identical, programs. So I can copy and paste, then change reps and intensity. It’s super easy.

Joe Beck, USA Weightlifting Coach and Owner of Heroic Barbell Club

TrueCoach lets you save programs, label, and tag them, making them easy to find, copy, paste, and assign to your athletes. And while some coaches need to personalize their programs weekly, others can work with larger teams and efficiently manage the group without hours of admin work.
I don’t think I could give personalized programs weekly without TrueCoach.

Jodi Vaughn, USA Weightlifting Coach

Once you copy and paste your programming to your athletes, you can adjust reps, intensity, and anything else that gives that final, personal touch. And while coaches love the ease of our app, we never stop improving.

TrueCoach continues to make the app better on an ongoing basis. They are always ahead on the features I didn’t know I needed until it was there.

Chad Vaughn, USA Weightlifting Coach and Two-Time Olympian

It’s why we reach out to coaches. We want to know what can help improve their experience and make their job more focused on their athletes and less on administration. From programming to scheduling, messaging, and payments, we aim to make TrueCoach the only thing you need to keep your athletes on the right track.
My life is so much easier because of TrueCoach, and my wife will attest to that, too.

Michael McKenna, USA Weightlifting Coach and Owner of McKenna’s Gym

If you want to elevate your business and help your athletes reach their highest potential, consider TrueCoach. As a certified USAW coach, you can receive 3 free months of TrueCoach when you sign up today.