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High school students want more sport physical activity options

Aug. 04, 2022, 6:32 p.m. (ET)


Survey: High school students want more sport, physical activity options

Editorial Director, Sports & Society Program

The supply of sport options provided by high schools is not meeting the demand for them, and the menu needs to be updated to include more casual and fitness-focused activities, according to a new national student survey released by the Aspen Institute and Resonant Education.

Archery, which only 1% of students have ever tried, was the sport they most wish was offered by their school. Thirteen percent of all surveyed students, both athletes and non-athletes, expressed interest in trying archery, followed by gymnastics, lacrosse and bowling (7% each).

When asked what additional physical activities outside of interscholastic teams that students would like to participate in, strength training (35%) was the No. 1 choice, followed by biking (24%), skateboarding (21%), yoga (21%) and climbing (20%). Males showed a higher interest in strength training and parkour, and females favored yoga and dance.

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