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USA Weightlifting Club Showdown to Launch Nov 1

Oct. 23, 2020, 10:12 a.m. (ET)

Does your club have what it takes to be named the Strongest Club in America? Join USA Weightlifting during the month of November for the 3rd Annual Club Showdown to prove your members can out-lift anyone! The Club Showdown is an opportunity for all USA Weightlifting affiliated clubs to showcase their strength and compete against other clubs nationwide.

The 2020 event will run concurrently with the November Online Qualifier, so your total for the club showdown will also count towards qualifying for a national event. Submissions will be accepted through the virtual online qualifier page, HERE, and must have a November 2020 timestamp. 

To participate, you must be a USA Weightlifting member affiliated with a USA Weightlifting club on your BARS profile. To join USA Weightlifting CLICK HERE. To participate in the Club Showdown, record and upload a video of each member’s best snatch and clean and jerk. Video files must be named: Member ID number_club name_lift. There’s no limit on participants per club. The club with the highest total wins! 



The winner will receive a “Strongest Club in America” banner. Second through fifth place finishers will get banners displaying the club showdown logo and their placement. In the event of a tie, the club with the higher number of participants will be awarded the higher placement. Should participation be the same, the club with the most new USA Weightlifting memberships from Oct. 20th to November 30th will be the winner.