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USA Weightlifting Covid-19 Wave 2 Special Arrangements

Nov. 25, 2020, 1:25 p.m. (ET)

USA Weightlifting Covid-19 Wave 2 Special Arrangements

Due to the unique differences in Wave 2 of the Covid-19 Pandemic, and therefore the differences between the circumstances in June 2020 and today, it is assessed that the precedent requiring a selection camp need not apply.

In replacement for the scheduled selection events that would have been held at the National Championship, National Youth Championship and American Open Final will now count the very same from the online event.

Notes and changes:

-       In order to facilitate these events counting for team rankings, juries will be added to the online National Championships and American Open Final. The National Youth Championship typically does not have juries.

-       The applicable selection process for each event stands, the in person National Championship (or National Youth Championship/American Open Final) is directly substituted with the Online version of the same.

-       Doping control will be carried out in partnership with USADA.

-       American Records will NOT be counted during this event.

-       No other online competition shall be counted for ranking, this is a one off change due to the current circumstances.


In relation to the 2021 IWF Junior World Championship, it should be noted it is possible this competition will be moved, if so, the need for a reduction of the field to 20 no longer stands and thus the National Championship in full shall apply. Should the event not move, the reduction to 20 possible individuals per gender will, however, apply.

This Covid-19 Wave 2 Special Arrangement will be reviewed again in the event that a further pandemic-related cancellation of a final qualification event based upon the current situation at the time. It should not be considered to set a precedent for further online events.


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