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Updated Competition Schedule for Tokyo 2020

July 17, 2020, 11:48 a.m. (ET)

The Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee updated the competition schedule for weightlifting for the rescheduled Games in 2021. Check it out!

Click here for the full Tokyo 2020 competition schedule. Note: the competition schedule is subject to change. 

Venue: Tokyo International Forum - Click here for a view from the competition platform

A victory ceremony follow each "A" session.

Television and streaming coverage in the United States will be available from NBC. TV and streaming schedules will be announced closer to the start of the Games. 

Competition Time
(Japan Standard)
Competition Time
(Eastern Daylight)
W 49kg B Sat. 7/24, 9:50a Fri. 7/23, 8:50p
W 49kg A Sat. 7/24, 1:50p Sat. 7/24, 12:50a
M 61kg B Sun. 7/25, 11:50a Sat. 7/24, 10:50p
M 61kg A Sun. 7/25, 3:50p Sun. 7/25, 2:50a
M 67kg A Sun. 7/25, 7:50p Sun. 7/25, 6:50a
W 55kg B Mon. 7/26, 1:50p Mon. 7/26, 12:50a
W 55kg A Mon. 7/26, 7:50p Mon. 7/26, 6:50a
W 59kg B Tue. 7/27, 11:50a Mon. 7/26, 10:50p
W 59kg A Tue. 7/27, 3:50p Tue. 7/27, 2:50a
W 64kg A Tue. 7/27, 7:50p Tue. 7/27, 6:50a
M 73kg B Wed. 7/28, 1:50p Wed. 7/28, 12:50a
M 73kg A Wed. 7/28, 7:50p Wed. 7/28, 6:50p
M 81kg B Sat. 7/31, 11:50a Fri. 7/30, 10:50p
M 81kg A Sat. 7/31, 3:50p Sat. 7/31, 2:30a
M 96kg A Sat. 7/31, 7:50p Sat. 7/31, 6:50a
W 76kg B Sun. 8/1, 1:50p Sun. 8/1, 12:50a
W 76kg A Sun. 8/1, 7:50p Sun. 8/1, 6:50a
W 87kg B Mon. 8/2, 11:50a Sun. 8/1, 10:50p
W 87kg A Mon. 8/2, 3:50p Mon. 8/2, 2:50a
W +87kg A Mon. 8/2, 7:50p Mon. 8/2, 6:50a
M 109kg B Tue. 8/3, 1:50p Tue. 8/3, 12:50a
M 109kg A Tue. 8/3, 7:50p Tue. 8/3, 6:50a
M +109kg B Wed. 8/4, 1:50p Wed. 8/4, 12:50a
M +109kg A Wed. 8/4, 7:50p Wed. 8/4, 6:50a