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USA to Participate in Pan-Atlantic Nations Cup

Feb. 28, 2020, 10:48 a.m. (ET)


USA Weightlifting has been invited to join a unique international event. Top athletes from the United States, Canada and Mexico will form Team Americas and take on the best athletes of Germany, Great Britain and Spain representing Team Europe in the 2020 Pan-Atlantic Nations Cup. 


This “Ryder Cup of Weightlifting” is scheduled June 26-28, during the British Weightlifting Championships at the M&S Bank Arena in Liverpool, Great Britain.


This event is not a Tokyo 2020 Qualifier as the Olympic Qualification period ends April 30. 


Here’s how this unique competition will operate.


Team size and composition

Each team (Europe/Americas) can submit a team of up to 20 lifters.  With no more than two lifters in each bodyweight category per team, and no more than one lifter per nation in each bodyweight category.  For example, Americas may enter two Men 109+, but both lifters cannot be Canadian.



Scoring will use either Robi points, or Sinclair points allocated to each individual athletes Total.

Team scores will be calculated by adding together the individual scores of every athlete within the team to give a team Total.  The team with the highest total will win.

If the number of athletes in each team is not even, the larger team will not include the scores of it’s lowest scoring athletes.  For example, if Europe has a team size of 15 and the Americas of 13. The European athletes with the 14th and 15th lowest scores will not count towards the Europe team Total.


Presentation and prizes

The competition will award a trophy to the team with the highest team Total, and also recognize a Best Lifter (all sexes) based on Robi/Sinclair points.  The trophy will be retained by the winning team until the next edition of the event.


Weight Categories Contested

Men: 55kg, 61kg, 67kg, 73kg, 81kg, 89kg, 96kg, 102kg, 109kg, +109kg

Women: 45kg, 49kg, 55kg, 59kg, 64kg, 71kg, 76kg, 81kg, 87kg, +87kg

Athletes wishing to participate must understand this is a self-funded opportunity. Athletes will be responsible for all costs, including entry fee of approximately $200 USD, airfare, lodging & food approximately $140/night. 

Please note athletes must meet all requirements expressed in the USA Weightlifting Selection Procedures, with particular attention paid to the USADA Lift Clean RTP requirement and minimum performance requirements needed to represent the USA on the international stage.

Full selection procedure available at:


Per the 2020-2024 Selection Procedures, those athletes in each contested weight category with the highest National Ranking Score (NRS) will be given the opportunity to attend, using totals achieved at National or International Competition in the previous six months to the final qualification event. Eligible events include: 


2019 USAW American Open Series 3

2019 World Championships

2019 San Diego Open

12th Mediterranean Cup

49th Challenge 210

Alexander Cup

Naim Suleymanoglu International Tournament

17th International Tournament of France "Denis Randon"

2019 Phillips & Springer Classic, South American, Ibero-American & CSLP Junior Championships

2019 American Open Finals
2020 IWF Roma World Cup

2020 National University Championships/Juniors/U25
2020 Malta Intl Open 

2020 American Open Series 1



Expression of Interest must be made by Friday, March 6 at 12PM Mountain.

Expression of interest form: