Kitts Lifts at World Championships

By Kevin Farley with Team USA in Pattaya, Thailand | Sept. 26, 2019, 11:30 a.m. (ET)

Wes Kitts (California Strength, Pleasanton, CA) was Team USA’s sole competitor in Thursday’s action at the World Weightlifting Championships in Thailand.

In the men’s 109kg B category, Kitts started with a personal record opener with a good 170kg lift. He missed 175kg and 177kg on his second and third attempts.

“170 is the biggest opener I’ve hit,” Kitts said. “It was solid. The 175kg was just a bad attempt. The last one was close.”

In the clean & jerk, Kitts again started up with a personal record opener, a good 211kg lift. He came back and made 218kg on his second attempt.

With the bar loaded at 225kg, Kitts attempted a new American and Pan American record. He cleaned it, but just missed the jerk. It was an all-time personal best clean.

“That 225 was an all-time personal best clean. I’ve jerked it before from the blocks, but it just wasn’t there today,” Kitts said.

His combined total was 388kg.

“I left a lot out there, I am not satisfied, but we’ll head home, work on some things and be stronger for the next competition,” Kitts said.

“He’s unsatisfied but it’s a pretty amazing job,” Kitts’ personal coach, David Spitz, said. “At the end of the day, this meet was an opportunity to put something big on the bar against the best of the world, but he came up a little short. We’ll live, we’ll learn and come back and get them again.”

The 2019 World Championships wrap up Friday with Caine Wilkes lifting in the +109kg B session at 11 AM local time. Then, Sarah Robles will fight for a spot on the podium in the +87kg A session at 1:25PM local time on ESPN3.