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Remembering Glenn Pendlay

Sept. 05, 2019, 5:50 p.m. (ET)

USA Weightlifting is sad to share the loss of Glenn Pendlay, who lost his battle with cancer aged 48 this Thursday, passing in his hometown of McPherson, KS.

Though Glenn had been involved in coaching the sport since 1996, some 23 years, he is perhaps best known for his involvement in the Muscledriver USA and California Strength programs, where Glenn was involved in creating some extraordinary training environments for each of those teams which included multiple time World Team members Donny Shankle, Travis Cooper, Caleb Ward, Jon North and James Tatum amongst others. During this period, Glenn also had his own product range of equipment which can still be seen actively in use in gyms across the World.

Glenn’s involvement dates back to 1992, where he was introduced to Weightlifting by legendary Russian coach Alexander Medvedyev at the Junior World Championships for Powerlifting while visiting Moscow, Russia. After the meet, Glenn stayed and learned Olympic Weightlifting from one of the most storied coaches of all time. Inspired by his time with Coach Medvedyev, Glenn immediately changed his major at Kansas State University to graduate in Exercise Physiology, a subject he would later complete a Masters degree in – specializing in researching Endrocinology, the study of how stress affects the body, and how the body adapts to that stress. His research became shared amongst athletes and coaches across the World, leading to opportunities for Glenn to work with athletes from various sports.

In 1999, Glenn established Witchita Falls Weightlifting which became a storied club over the years, pre-dating Glenn’s work with California Strength and Muscledriver USA. Since 1999, Glenn produced nearly 100 national champions from Youth level all the way to medalists at the Pan American Championships, Pan American Games and participants at the IWF World Championship level in both genders.

Away from the X’s and O’s of Glenn’s outstanding contribution to USA Weightlifting as a coach, it was the generosity of Glenn’s time with almost any one who would ask to further the sport, grow the sport, share his knowledge and resources that will really leave an indelible mark on the sport that will be felt for years to come. This is perhaps best shown by Glenn’s determination to continue to coach the sport even as he knew his time was coming towards a close.