Stanley sweeps silver on day four of the 2019 Youth World Championships

March 11, 2019, 10:24 p.m. (ET)

Joziah Johns and Anton Esterbrook kicked off day four of competition at the 2019 Youth World Championships in Las Vegas. Both competing in the 73kg B session, Johns went five for six while Esterbrook went three for three in the snatch before hitting his first clean and jerk attempt.

Johns made a 106kg snatch on his first attempt. After missing 110kg on his second, he came out to make it on his third. He went three for three in the clean and jerk portion of the competition, hitting 138kg, 143kg and 147kg.

Esterbrook had a strong snatch session hitting 97kg, 101kg and 104kg. He hit his first clean and jerk attempt at 120kg but needed medical attention after his second and third attempts of 124kg and 125kg. Esterbrook is okay, just shaken up after blacking out on the platform.

Abby Raymond took the stage in the 59kg A session, going three for six overall. She snatched 73kg on her first attempt at 76kg on her second. She missed 79kg on her third attempt. In the clean and jerks, Raymond missed her opener at 94kg but came out to make it on her second. She moved up to 99kg for her third attempt but missed. Following the competition Raymond was disappointed, saying it didn’t go as planned. Last month at the Junior National Championships she hit at 78kg snatch and a 100kg clean and jerk.

Dade Stanley and Kayleb Quintero rounded out the day for team USA, both making five out of their six lifts. Stanley earned all three of the team’s medals Monday, sweeping silver in the 81kg category. Quintero made all three of his snatch attempts, hitting 102kg, 106kg and 110kg.

“That felt light for me so it was really exciting for me and a good way to start off the competition,” Quintero said after the session.

Make his first clean and jerk attempt at 135kg, missed 140kg on his second attempt, but came back to make it on his third. Quintero came in fourth place in both lifts and the total.

Stanley’s personal record performance earned him three silver medals. He also made all three of his attempts in the snatch portion of the competition battling back and forth with Yessenkeldi Sapi, the gold medalist from Kazakhstan. He hit snatches of 123kg, 128kg and 133kg. The judges called Stanley’s first clean and jerk attempt of 150kg a press out, but he made the weight on his second attempt, before jumping to 155kg and making his third attempt.

“I knew I could do this for my team and I knew I could do this for myself,” Stanley said after the competition. “I’m going to do my best to keep making international teams. The lights are bright, but you have to stay focused and remember your goals.”

Devyn Kim and Olivia Reeves will take the stage for Team USA on Tuesday. Kim will compete in the 64kg session at noon PST and Reeves will compete at 5pm PST in the 71kg body weight category. Click here to watch the competition live.