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Kate Nye named 71kg Junior World Champion, team points add up for USA

June 05, 2019, 2:54 a.m. (ET)

June 4, 2019 (SUVA, Fiji) – Team USA’s Kate Nye secured a gold medal sweep and the 2019 Junior World Champion title with her opening attempts in Fiji Wednesday. Coming off of a record-breaking performance at the 2019 Pan American Championships, Nye had only a few weeks to prepare for this competition with more records in her sights.

“We tried really hard to get as much strength work in as we could, and we had a really good meet all things considered, so I’m really happy,” Nye told USA Weightlifting after the session.

Nye hit a 104kg snatch on her opening attempt to secure the gold medal in the lift. She moved up to 108kg but missed the attempt. With one more kilo on the bar, Nye came out to make her third attempt of a 109kg snatch. The Junior World Record in the snatch is 111kg owned by S. Ahmed of Egypt.

“We really wanted to do that today, but It wasn’t in the cards,” Nye said. We have Cuba in a few weeks and will hopefully get another stab at that.”

Nye went three for three in the clean and jerk portion of the competition, hitting 128kg and 133kg. On her third attempt, Nye called for 137kg to reset the junior and senior Pan American and junior and senior American records in the lift and in the total. She nailed it and her 246kg total will also go in the record books.

“I’ve been wanting that for a while,” Nye said of her 137kg clean and jerk. “It’s 300 pounds so that’s pretty cool. I knew I had it in me I just had to be aggressive.”

Nye will represent Team USA at the Junior Pan American Championships in just a few weeks in Cuba.

Jaden Washington took the platform to kick off the day for Team USA on Wednesday. Competing in the 96kg B session, Washington ended up winning a bronze medal in the clean and jerk. He went for four six overall attempting personal records in each lift. He hit a 147kg snatch on his second attempt before going for 151kg, but the judges called a press out. Washington hit a 188kg clean and jerk on his second attempt, a lift that would stand up for 3rd place, before narrowly missing 196kg. He posted a 335kg total.

Athena Schriever rounded out the day of competition for the Team USA, competing in the 76kg category. Schriever's best snatch was 87kg. Her 115kg clean and jerk earned her a bronze medal and a 202kg total.

Three members of Team USA competed Tuesday at the 2019 Junior World Championships in Fiji. Harrison Maurus took the platform in the 81kg category for the first time since competing at the 2018 World Championships last fall in Turkmenistan.

“I had to take some time off of training to deal with a back injury,” Maurus told USA Weightlifting after the competition. “I’ve had only three or four weeks of serious training to get to this one, so I’m just happy I could hit some numbers today.”

Maurus hit 145kg on his first snatch attempt. He tried 150kg on the next two but missed. In the clean and jerks, Maurus hit 185kg, then 190kg before going for 196kg. He missed his last attempt, but his 190kg lift earned him 4th place in the clean and jerk and 5th place in the total with 335kg.

Earlier Tuesday Alexandra Thornton and Will Easley represented Team USA for the first time on a world championships stage. Thornton went five for six in the 64kg B session, hitting all of her clean and jerks. Her 82kg snatch and 103kg clean and jerk gave her a 185kg total.

Easley took the stage in the 89kg category. His best snatch of 121kg combined with a 155kg clean and jerk for a 276kg total, a solid performance Easley told USA Weightlifting after the competition he was pleased with.

“I feel super blessed to be on this trip with such a great team and coaches,” Easley told USA Weightlifting.

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