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Record falls while medal count rises for Team USA at the 2019 JWC

June 03, 2019, 7:03 a.m. (ET)

June 3, 2019 (SUVA, FIJI) – Team USA’s CJ Cummings added to his own list of broken records Monday in Suva at the 2019 Junior World Championships. With Monday’s 337kg total, CJ has now claimed the Junior World Champion title for the past four years in a row. After breaking upwards of 20 records in the 73kg weight class a little over a month ago at the Pan American Championships, Cummings improved his Junior World Record clean and jerk to 192kg.

In the snatch portion of the competition, Cummings hit a wobbly 145kg lift before missing 148kg and 150kg. The lift held up for a silver medal for Cummings. He hit his opening clean and jerk attempt of 180kg. Despite missing 185kg on his second attempt, Cummings called for the Junior World record weight of 192kg on his third.

“I was kind of mad because this wasn’t my best performance,” he told USA Weightlifting after the competition. “I didn’t think about it, just went out there and did it and it was a piece of cake,” he said of his new Junior World record lift.

CJ had just set the previous Junior World Record clean and jerk of 191kg along with a slew of other records at the 2019 Pan American Championships in Guatemala City in April. His 153kg snatch and 344kg total from that meet stand as Junior World Records.

“Tonight was a reality check to let me know I have a lot of work to do so that I can progress in the future," Cummings said. He plans to compete internationally again this month at the Junior Pan American Championships while aiming to improve his ROBI score to qualify for the 2020 Olympic Games.

Peyton Brown also added to Team USA’s medal count Monday, winning a bronze medal in the 59kg category for her 87kg snatch. Her first time representing Team USA as a junior athlete, the Youth Olympian opened with her previous competition personal records of 83kg in the snatch and 103kg in the clean and jerk.

Brown went for 89kg, which would have set the Junior American Record on her last snatch attempt but lost it behind. “I’ll have it next time plus more weight,” she said after the competition.

After hitting 107kg and 108kg consistently in training, Brown was frustrated to have missed the weight twice during the clean and jerks. Her 103kg lift brought her total to 190kg.

Earlier in the day, Kaela Stephano and Kate Wehr took the platform in the 55kg B session. Kaela Stephano went five for six, hitting a lifetime personal best snatch of 81kg and a competition personal best 99kg clean and jerk for a 180kg total. Wehr improved her total 172kg after hitting a 76kg snatch and a 96kg clean and jerk.

Abby Raymond took he stage for Team USA in the 59kg B session. She went three for three in the clean and jerks hitting 94kg, 97kg and 100kg. That combined with her 74kg snatch for a 174kg total.

Team USA’s 2018 Youth Olympian Jerome Smith also competed for Team USA as a Junior for the first time Monday in the 73kg B session. He hit a 133kg snatch, a lift that evaded him last month at the National Championships in Memphis. His best clean and jerk of 162kg gave him a 295kg total.

Tuesday’s competition will see Alexandra Thornton in the 64kg B session, Will Easley in the 89kg B session and Harrison Maurus in the 81kg A session. Lifting times and live stream information are available at usaw.live.