IWF Issues Updated Technical and Competition Rules and Regulations

Jan. 02, 2019, 4:56 p.m. (ET)

The International Weightlifting Federation released an updated Technical and Competition Rules & Regulations (TCRR) for 2019, which are in effect as of January 1, 2019. 

Among the major rule changes:
- Incorrect movements: Touch the barbell with his / her footwear. For example, spinning or adjusting the barbell with the feet is not allowed and will result in a no-lift ruling.
-3.3.7: Video Playback Technology (VPT). VPT will be in use at all IWF World-level (Youth, Junior, Senior) and Olympic Games (including Youth Olympic Games) events beginning January 1, 2019.*

You can learn more about the IWF's VPT regulations, how it works and how it will be implemented, along with the entire updated TCRR here:

Unless stated otherwise, USA Weightlifting adheres to the IWF's TCRR to the degree practicable. However, conditions special to competitions held in the U.S. at the national and/or local level have led to the USAW’s adopting standing modifications to the IWF technical rules as discussed in our Rules Addendum. Our Rules Addendum is available here: 

 A side-by-side comparison to the 2018 TCRR is available here

*USA Weightlifting is currently evaluating the new TCRR regarding video playback technology and studying the feasibility of using it at selected National events.