Team USA at Buenos Aires Open

Dec. 03, 2019, 12:28 p.m. (ET)

Team USA is in Buenos Aires for the International Buenos Aires Open and the South American Youth and Junior Championships. Lifting times and results are below. Live stream information will be posted here, when available. All times listed below are in Eastern Standard Time. 


Tuesday, December 3 

Cadence Ricci - U15 - 40kg
Best Snatch: 38kg
Best Clean & Jerk: 55kg*
Total: 93kg*
*New Youth American Record

Hutch Friend - U15 - 55kg
Best Snatch: 89kg
Best Clean & Jerk: 108kg
Total: 197kg 

Ashtin Smith - U15 - 49kg
Best Snatch: 52kg
Best Clean & Jerk: 62kg
Total: 114kg

Darrel Barnes - Open - 61kg
Best Snatch: 115kg
Best Clean & Jerk: 145kg
Total: 260kg


Wednesday, December 4

Elle Fields - Youth - 55kg
Best Snatch: 64kg
Best Clean & Jerk: 83kg
Total: 147kg

Hannah Dunn - Youth - 59kg
Best Snatch: 75kg
Best Clean & Jerk: 93kg
Total: 168kg


Thursday, December 5

Kaitlyn Cooper - Open - 71kg
Best Snatch: 95kg
Best Clean and Jerk: 110kg
Total: 205kg


Friday, December 6

Timothy Davis, Jr. - U15 - 81kg
Best Snatch: 113kg
Best Clean and Jerk: 143kg
Total: 256kg

Kate Nye - Open - 76kg
Best Snatch: 107kg
Best Clean & Jerk: 135kg
Total: 242kg

Alyssa Ballard - U25 - 76kg
Best Snatch: 83kg
Best Clean & Jerk: 104kg
Total: 187kg


Saturday, December 7

Ryland Shriver - Youth - 96kg
Best Snatch: 123kg
Best Clean & Jerk: 153kg
Total: 276kg

Morgan Wagner - U15 - +81kg
Best Snatch: 64kg
Best Clean & Jerk: 81kg
Total: 145kg