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USA Weightlifting Launches National Referee Fund for Women

Oct. 23, 2018, 4:11 p.m. (ET)

Thanks to a generous donation, USA Weightlifting is helping bring more women into the National Referee ranks by launching its new Female Referee National Testing Assistance Fund.

The fund will allow women members seeking National Referee Certification to have some of the costs related to the certification process defrayed by this anonymous donation.

Grants of $300 from the fund will be available to members who are seeking the National Referee Certification for the first time, meaning renewing members are not eligible. The grants will be used to reimburse recipients for airfare, hotel and meal costs related to attending a USA Weightlifting National Competition to test for the Certification.

Members interested in receiving a grant must apply here, and submit an essay displaying a financial need.

Requests will be reviewed by 2 members (1 female, 1 male member) of the USA Weightlifting Technical Committee.

Application essays will be graded on the following rubric.

Demonstrates need for funding assistance 

  • 6 pts.-uses appropriate, relevant, and compelling examples to provide strong support for their earning of the funding
  • 3 pts-uses appropriate and relevant examples to provide support for their earning of the funding
  • 0 pts.-uses examples to provide weak support for their earning of the scholarship. Does not demonstrate financial need.

Syntax and Mechanics

  • 6 pts.-uses graceful language that skillfully communicates meaning to readers with clarity and fluency, and is virtually error-free
  • 3 pts.-uses language that generally conveys meaning to readers with clarity, although writing may include some
  • 0 pts.-uses language that sometimes impedes meaning because of errors 

Unique Qualifiers

  • 3 pts.-unique or compelling story, attribute, or experience present
  • 2 pts.-uncommon story, attribute, or experience present
  • 1 pts.-standard or expected story, attribute or experience present
  • 0 pts.-no unique qualifier is present

USA Weightlifting Representation

  • 2 pts.-indication of desire to be a good representative of USA Weightlifting is present and clearly indicated
  • 0 pts.-indication of desire to be a good representative of USA Weightlifting is NOT present.

USA Weightlifting extends its sincere thanks and appreciation to the anonymous donor for making this opportunity possible.