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LIVE FROM BUENOS AIRES: Competition Day for Jerome Smith

By Kevin Farley - In Buenos Aires | Oct. 09, 2018, 11:12 a.m. (ET)

It is competition day for Team USA's Jerome Smith. His personal coach, Jimmy Duke, says Smith is in good shape and ready to compete at 5PM Eastern Time. 

Yesterday, Jerome trained lightly, saving his energy for a run at the podium at the Youth Olympic Games. His teammate, Peyton Brown, had a very light day of training. She's scheduled to lift Thursday, October 10th. 

Livestreaming and TV coverage of weightlifting has concluded for these Youth Olympic Games. The Olympic Broadcasting Services, or OBS, is in charge of the TV production for all Olympic Games. Due to the complexity and size of the YOG, compared to the Olympic Games, TV productions are scaled back, that is why you won't see full coverage online or the Olympic Channel.

Fear not, we will be live-tweeting Team USA's sessions on our Twitter page. We'll also talk with Jerome and Peyton after their sessions. 

We all got a taste of Argentinian summer yesterday. The mild, dry weather was replaced with humidity and strong thunderstorms Monday night. You could hear the thunder and rain pelting the venue's roof. While still cloudy today, the weather has returned to a mild, spring-like feeling. 

Before the storm, the mascot of the Youth Olympic Games, #Pandi, made a stop by the venue. Check out the video below of #Pandi attempting a clean & jerk. What do you think? White or red lights? 

That's it for now, be sure to join us on Twitter at 5PM Eastern for Jerome's session.


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