Team USA at the 2018 Pan Ams

May 10, 2018, 12:40 p.m. (ET)

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Daily Recaps

Thursday update:

Wes Kitts (105kg, California Strength) claimed Team USA's gold medal in total at the 2018 Pan Ams. In the snatch, Kitts lifted 165kg then 172kg. He missed his third attempt at 172kg. But his 172kg lift was good enough for a silver medal. In the clean & jerk, Kitts lifted 202kg, then missed 211kg. He came back to make a 212kg lift that secured his gold medal in clean & jerk and total. His 384kg total put him at the top of the podium in total, and gave Team USA it's first total gold medal at these Pan Ams.

Earlier in the day, Team USA's Jenny Arthur (75kg, unattached) picked up two bronze medals in the 75kg A session. Arthur, an Olympian, went 3-for-3 in snatch, lifting 100kg, 104kg and 108kg. Her 108kg lift earned her bronze in Snatch. In the clean & jerk, Arthur made her opening attempt at 127kg, but missed her second and third attempts of 127kg to finish fourth. But her 235kg total was good for bronze in the 75kg weight category.

In the men's 85kg session, Team USA's Harrison Maurus (85kg, Alpha Barbell) finished sixth in snatch, lifting 152kg and 156kg. He missed his third attempt at 160kg. In the clean & jerk, Maurus went 2-for-3, making his 195kg opener and 199kg second attempt. He missed his third attempt at 204kg, but finished fourth in clean & jerk. His 355kg total gave Maurus 5th overall. 

Maurus' teammate, Jordan Cantrell (85kg, Mash Mafia) made a 151kg on his second attempt in snatch for 9th place. He missed his opener of 150kg and third attempt of 156kg. In the clean & jerk, Cantrell made his opening attempt at 182kg before missing his second at 186kg. Cantrell made his 187kg third attempt to finish 8th in the clean & jerk. His 338kg total secured 8th place overall for Cantrell.

In the men's 94kg session, Team USA's Nathan Damron (94kg, Mash Mafia) missed finished 5th in snatch. After missing his opener of 154kg, Damron fought back to lift 154kg in his second attempt and 159kg third attempt. Damron did not complete a clean & jerk, missing 194kg, 195kg and 195kg and did not post a total.

Friday's the final day of competition. Team USA's Marissa Klingseis (90kg, Wesley Weightlifters) kicks things off at 9AM Eastern. Reigning World Champion Sarah Robles (+90kg, Team Houston) lifts at 11:30AM Eastern. 2017 Pan Am Champion Caine WIlkes (+105kg, Little League Weightlifting) and Cameron Swart (+105kg, Team Houston) round out the competition at 2PM Eastern. 


Wednesday update:

Team USA claimed three more medals Wednesday at the 2018 Senior Pan American Championships in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Mattie Rogers (69kg, Team O.C.) took home silver in snatch with a 99kg lift. She missed her opener at 99kg, but made her second attempt at 99kg. She missed her third snatch attempt at 103kg. In the clean & jerk, Rogers opened with a successful 126kg lift, followed by a good lift at 130kg. Rogers attempted to win the total gold medal, and new American Record, with a 136kg clean & jerk. While her attempt was not successful, her 99kg snatch, 130kg clean & jerk and 229kg total were good enough for three silver medals. 

Earlier in the day, Mattie Sasser (63kg, unattached) made her Team USA debut. The 2016 Olympian, originally from Marshall Islands, went 4 for 6, making two each of her snatch and clean & jerk attempts. In the snatch, Sasser made her opening attempt of 91kg, her second of 95kg then missing her 3rd attempt of 98kg. In the clean & jerk, Sasser made her opening lift of 115kg and her second attempt of 120kg. She missed her 3rd attempt of 124kg. Her 215kg total placed her 7th overall, matching her 7th place finish in both snatch and clean & jerk. 

More medals are at stake on Thursday for Team USA, as five athletes take the platform. at 10AM eastern, Harrison Maurus (85kg, Alpha Barbell Club) and Jordan Cantrell (85kg, Mash Mafia Weightlifting) compete in the 85kg A session. At 12:30 PM Nathan Damron (94kg, Mash Mafia Weightlifting) lifts in the 94kg A session. At 3PM, Olympian Jenny Arthur (75kg, unattached) lifts in the 75kg A session. In the final session of the day, Team USA's Wesley Kitts (105kg, California Strength) competes in the men's 105kg A session. All sessions will be streamed LIVE here.

Tuesday update:
Team USA scored its first medals of the Pan American Championships in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on Tuesday. 

CJ Cummings (69kg, Team Divergent) set new Junior and Senior American Records in his performance at the Pan Ams. Cummings went a perfect 6-for-6, taking silver in snatch (144kg), gold in clean & jerk (180kg) and silver in total (324kg). He broke his own American Records in snatch and total. In snatch, CJ successfully lifted 137kg, 141kg and 144kg. In clean & jerk Cummings lifted 170kg, 175kg then 180kg. 

Earlier in the day, Caitlin Hogan (53kg, Waxman's Gym) earned silver in snatch with an 86kg lift in her third attempt. She missed her opener of 83kg but hit 83kg on her second attempt. Hogan secured bronze in clean & jerk with a 107kg lift on her second attempt. She made her 104kg opener but just missed her 111kg third attempt. Her 193kg total was good for silver overall. At the 2017 Pan Ams in Miami, Hogan swept silver matching her lifts made in 2018 with an 86kg snatch, 107kg clean & jerk and 193kg total.

During the morning session, Derrick Johnson (62kg, Texas Barbell Club) missed his opening snatch of 116kg but came back to lift 116kg in his second attempt. He missed his third snatch attempt at 121kg. He did not complete a clean & jerk, missing his 137kg opener then missing 138kg on both his second and third attempts. He did not post a total.

Wednesday's action on the platform includes the Team USA debut of Mattie Sasser (63kg, unattached) at 3:30PM Eastern and 2017 Pan Am Silver Medalist Mattie Rogers (69kg, Team O.C.) lifting at 6PM Eastern. 

Monday update:
On Monday, Team USA women started off strong. Alyssa Ritchey (48kg, Team Juggernaut) and Hayley Reichardt (48kg, Garage Strength) were the first American athletes to compete in the Pan Ams. Ritchey snatched 78kg and clean & jerked 94kg for a total of 172kg, just outside the medals. Reichardt finished with a 166kg total, combining a 71kg snatch and a 95kg clean & jerk. 


The event's Start Book was published Sunday after the Verification of Final Entries meeting. Team USA Lifting Times are below.

Click HERE for Live Stream information.

Team USA Men

Name Weight
Lifting Time
Derrick Johnson 62 Tues. 5/15
CJ Cummings 69 Tues. 5/15
Jordan Cantrell 85 Thurs. 5/17
Harrison Maurus 85 Thurs. 5/17
Nathan Damron 94 Thurs. 5/17
Wes Kitts 105 Thurs. 5/17
Cameron Swart 105+ Fri. 5/18
Caine Wilkes 105+ Fri. 5/18


Team USA Women

Name Weight
 Lifting Time
Alyssa Ritchey 48 Mon. 5/14
Hayley Reichardt 48

Mon. 5/14

Caitlin Hogan 53 Tues. 5/15
Mattie Sasser 63 Wed. 5/16
Mattie Rogers 69 Wed. 5/16
Jenny Arthur 75 Thurs. 5/17
Marissa Klingseis 90 Fri. 5/18
Sarah Robles 90+ Fri. 5/18


Team USA travels to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic this week for the Senior Pan American Weightlifting Championships May 12-19. 

"We've field a very strong team, that I think will do extremely well," USA Weightlifting Senior Director of Sport Performance and Coaching Education Mike Gattone said. "We can't wait to get to the Dominican Republic and win some medals."

The United States is coming off of an historic performance in 2017. At the Pan Ams In Miami last year, Team USA took home 24 medals, including 8 gold medals. Sarah Robles (+90kg, Houston Texas, Team Houston) and Caine Wilkes (+105kg, Matthews, NC, Little League Weightlifting) will defend their 2017 Pan American Championships.

More than just bragging rights are on the line at the 2018 Pan Ams. A strong performance by Team USA in the Dominican Republic can lead to the United States fielding a full team of 6 athletes per gender at next year's Pan American Games in Lima, Peru. Following last year's Pan Am Championships, Team USA men sit in 2nd place while Team USA women are currently 4th. After the 2018 Pan Ams, the top 3 teams in each gender by points will be awarded a full team at the 2019 Pan Am Games.

Final lifting dates and times will be provided after Sunday's Verification of Final Entries meeting. This story will be updated when lifting times have been finalized. If a live stream is available, information will be posted here. 

Team USA Men

Name Weight
Instagram Personal
Derrick Johnson 62 4derrick Ursula Papandrea Texas Barbell Club
CJ Cummings 69 cj__cummings Ray Jones Team Divergent
Jordan Cantrell 85 Cantrell85kg Travis Mash Mash Mafia Weightlifting
Harrison Maurus 85 harrison_maurus Kevin Simons Alpha Barbell
Nathan Damron 94 nathandamron94 Travis Mash Mash Mafia Weightlifting
Wes Kitts 105 weskitts22 Dave Spitz California Strength
Cameron Swart 105+ swartstrength Tim Swords Team Houston
Caine Wilkes 105+ thedragonwilkes Chris Wilkes Little League Weightlifting


Team USA Women

Name Weight
Instagram Personal
Alyssa Ritchey 48 alyssaritchey1 Max Aita Team Juggernaut
Hayley Reichardt 48 haylsbayls__ Dane Miller Garage Strength
Caitlin Hogan 53 Chogan25 Sean Waxman Waxman's Gym
Mattie Sasser 63 mattie_58 Clay Reed unattached
Mattie Rogers 69 Mattiecakesssss Danny Camargo Team O.C.
Jenny Arthur 75 jenny.arthur Kevin Doherty unattached
Marissa Klingseis 90+ mklingseis Dennis Snethen Wesley Weightlifters
Sarah Robles 90+ Roblympian Tim Swords Team Houston