USA Weightlifting Call for Team Leaders

Jan. 12, 2018, 3:51 p.m. (ET)

USA Weightlifting is accepting applications for Team Leaders to lead Team USA delegations at international competitions in 2018.


Those wishing to be Team Leader must meet the following qualifications:

-               Must have a Valid United States of America Passport

-               Must have a current USA Weightlifting background check and SafeSport certification

-               Must be a current member of USA Weightlifting in good standing, with no SafeSport, USADA, Ethics or any code violations within the last 4 years


Preferred Qualifications:

-               Previous international experience as an athlete, coach and/or team leader

-               Previous experience leading teams

-               Ability to speak language of competition locations

-               Activity in weightlifting

-               Professional Background (for Example, High School Teacher)


2018 International Competition Schedule

Senior Pan-Ams - Santo Domingo DOM - May 12-15

Youth Pan-Ams - Palmira COL - June 6-10

IWF Junior Worlds - Tashkent UZB - July 6-14

Junior Pan-Ams - Managua NCA - September TBD

IWF World Championships - Ashgabat TKM - November TBD


Click HERE to submit your application.


For questions, contact Lorene Halford at



Team Leader Responsibilities


USAW International Team Leader
Duties & Responsibilities

• Contact team members and team coaches. In an email, remind them of passport, visas, etc.
• You must download WhatsApp to your cellphone as it will be the official communication for the delegation.
• Ensure everyone has full competition and travel information and competition schedule. Be sure you have schedule for congresses, technical conference, etc.
• Ensure you have weightlifting addresses and phone contacts for overseas country to be visited.
• Determine if you need to take USA flag and national anthem recording.
• Inform athletes and coaches to carry on lifting gear for competition and warm-ups due to possible lost luggage.
• Get addresses and phone numbers of US Consulates and/or Embassies in destination cities.
• Ensure you have a major credit card for emergencies.
• Research destination country, re: geography, customs, currency, temperatures, altitude, etc. Embassies and Consulates in USA can be useful as are public libraries and major airlines. Get maps of cities and the country.
• Obtain currency of the country you are traveling to and potentially travelers checks for emergencies on arrival.
• Forward important safety information from USOC security to delegation members
• Brief delegation members on specific problems you identify regarding the country being visited and advise members on useful, vital items to take with them, e.g. toilet paper (Cuba, Romania), instant coffee (all Eastern Bloc countries), etc.
• Ensure that you have agendas for appropriate meetings at event and any other appropriate paperwork.
• Decide and inform delegation members of any travel uniform policy you and coaches may decide upon.
• Inform athletes and coaches to bring bottled water and any non-perishable foods they might need.
• Check with Medical Committee and/or accompanying medical officer as to appropriate medication to have available on the trip, e.g. malaria tablets, etc. Be sure a team physician is named in advance.
• Supervise baggage claim and handle any problems there.
• Supervise passport control and customs clearance.
• Coordinate with organizing committee reception for personnel and baggage transportation, or arrange taxis, etc. to hotel accommodations.
• At hotel, arrange accreditation, room groups, pay accommodations and board and participation fees (if instructed by USA Weightlifting). Keep receipts. Take list of room numbers and occupants. Arrange safe deposit for passports, tickets and money.
• Supervise room move in and settle any problems.
• Coordinate, in collaboration with coach and organizing committee training schedule, training times.
• Find and inform team of location of scale, sauna, training hall, competition venue.
• Acquire transportation schedule to training site and competition site.
• Coordinate meals and rest after travel.
• Send delegation schedule for the duration of the competition specifying that things could change (especially if verification of final entries has not happened yet).
• Coordinate with coaches as to starting categories and best results for technical meeting.
• Participate in technical meeting and lot draw. Get copy of start list and groups and any other relevant information. Be sure you get credentials for warm-up area at technical meeting or weigh-in.
• Call team meeting to disseminate information from technical meeting, etc. Use this meeting to stress team discipline and consideration for each other, re: noise, cooperation, etc. Stress team concept and group support for lifter on competition day. Lay down ground rules. Team coaches and medics have input in this meeting so that team sees a unified staff policy.

• Coordinate with staff how personal coaches, if any, will be best utilized. Make it clear the role of the personal coach as a support to Team USA.

• Set-up morning meeting with coaches and doctor while at the championship to discuss problem, set schedules, etc.
• Ascertain availability and access to telephone, telex, fax-, etc., to transfer results on a regular basis to National Office.
• Ascertain cultural program and find out team interest to participate.
• Attend and represent USA at congress, official receptions, etc.
• Ascertain USA participation in opening and/or closing ceremony and arrange appropriate personnel.
• Contact local USA Consulate or Embassy.
• Arrange for boxed lunches or meals, if appropriate, for competition days.
• Arrange for wake-up call for lifters and staff for morning weigh-ins at appropriate time.
• Re-confirm air tickets for return trip. Make seat reservations for train, if necessary.
• Assist coaches with weigh-ins and have passports available.
• Arrange availability of food and drinks following weigh-in.
• Assist coaches with organization of training sessions for other team members while competition is going on.
• Assist coaches at competition with warm-up room information, counting attempts, tactical consultation, etc.
• Ensure USA competitors are available and appropriately dressed for medal ceremonies even if selected for doping control.
• Ensure competitors are accompanied to doping control and that paperwork is correctly completed and witnessed. Retain the receipt.
• Accompany or arrange for accompaniment of competitors to press conference if USA required.
• Ascertain transport arrangements for competitors and accompanying personnel coming from Doping Control and/or Press Conference.
• Check results for accurate standing and points.
• Arrange for collection of daily results and complete results at end of competition.
• Arrange for collection of National Anthem and US flag if necessary.
• Arrange transport for any closing function.
• Ensure team is appropriately dressed for function.
• Attend and represent at function and make appropriate presentations and acclamations to Organizing Committee, etc.
• Arrange airport transportation.
• Ensure all team (if morning departure) has appropriate wake¬up call and are assembled at appropriate time and place.
• Ensure all rooms are clean and no items left behind. Ensure that all room bills are cleared by athletes.
• Ensure team members know their domestic connections.
• Forward report and any appropriate record claims to National Office. Forward receipts, etc. and other paperwork also.