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Donor Spotlight Joseph Herbias

By Kevin Farley | Sept. 13, 2017, 3:49 p.m. (ET)

For Joseph Herbias, he joined USA Weightlifting to show off his skill, strength and competitive edge.

“I first joined USA Weightlifting so I could compete in sanctioned events,” Herbias said.

But his love for the sport didn’t end at the competition platform, he wanted to share with the world just how great of a sport Weightlifting is.

“I donated to USAW because I want to see Weightlifting grow in the United States so that we become more competitive around the world,” Herbias said. “I feel good contributing to USAW as it allows athletes to pursue their weightlifting dreams.”

Herbais works on his skills at Sense Gym in Lakewood, California.

“Head coach Nghiep Dinh is very accommodating to people of all skill levels,” Herbias said. “He is very accommodating to people and always encourages his athletes to do their very best.”

It’s that spirit of striving to do one’s best that keeps Herbias coming back for more. Ultimately, he said, it is the thrill of competition that keeps him coming back to the gym.

“My favorite memory is competing in my first sanctioned event,” Herbias said. It’s a lot more intense when lifting in front of judges with only three shots at the snatch and clean & jerk.”

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