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Club Spotlight 4 Star Strength

By Avery Marzolf | Sept. 10, 2017, 10:39 a.m. (ET)


4 Star Strength was founded on a need.

A need that came about when their founder, club director, and club coach, Matt Adamcheck realized the likes of a “Dedicated Olympic weightlifting gym” was not present in Livonia, Michigan.

After reaching out and addressing this need, his club has quickly risen to be a premier club in the area, playing host to 103 active members, 80 of which can be found competitively lifting around the country.

After opening, the gym really started experiencing unforeseeable growth, as it had tripled in size and had outgrown the facility after only 9 months of operation. Adamcheck believes this is what separates his club from the others.

He is quick to credit his coaching staff regarding the growth and uniqueness, stating that “the coaching team has quite an eclectic background of coaching mentors, so it allows us to approach each athlete individually, working with them in a style catered to them progressing, not how we just want to teach it.”

This idea that seems to attract members of all ages. When asked about sending teams and individuals to national meets, Adamcheck said, “We have sent athletes to everything from Youth Nationals to Senior Nationals.”

In addition to sending athletes to multiple competitions every year, 4 Star Strength also plays hosts to around 6-8 events each year.

Within the next five years of operation, Adamcheck is hoping that their growth continues and that they will one day be to the point where they can be able to pay salaries to their coaches, and allow them to make a living doing what they love.

Adamcheck also had this to say when asked about any advice for young lifters. “ Learn the basics and don’t bother with heavy numbers, do sets of 5 and 6 right until you know you’re moving correctly. Heavier lifts will come but if you get hurt chasing numbers, you will only progress slower.”

4 Star Strength is staffed by Adamcheck himself, fellow head coaches, Zach Caswell and Bob Morris, junior coach, Kayla Flattery, as well as their two interns, Maddy Szuba and Valerie Smith. Throughout the interview he continued to credit the growth and success of the gym to his staff and asked that they be recognized for their efforts.

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