USA Weightlifting Features Kilos for a Cure Wor...

Kilos for a Cure Workout

Oct. 02, 2017, 10:57 a.m. (ET)

Good Morning!

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month underway, as well as the kickoff to this year's event, we are excited to finally reveal this year's Kilos for a Cure team workout! As a reminder, teams have until October 31 to complete the workout and report their results. Teams also have until that date to fundraise to support the lifesaving mission of the American Cancer Society. The team that raises the most money, as well as the highest individual fundraiser, will be recognized, along with the team with the highest weightlifting total. This year we have added an exciting pledge component to the campaign. Each registered team will be provided their very own team pledge page that they can share via email and social media and receive pledges per kilo! Each registered team captain will be made the admin to their team page so that they can edit photos and personal team messages. You can access these pages here: Please reach out by email or by phone if you have any questions or need assistance with your team page.


The American Cancer Society, USA Weightlifting and RWL Weightlifting are so appreciative of your support in this event but more importantly,  for your commitment to fighting this terrible disease. Together, we can make a difference! Without further ado…





  1. Each “KILOS FOR A CURE” registered team shall submit the top 2 male and the top 2 female totals with accompanying videos.
    1. Example: John snatched 85 kg with 5 continuous overhead squats, Sam snatched 95 kg with 5 continuous OH squats. Mary snatched 45 kg with 5 continuous OH squats, and Beth snatched 50 kg with 5 continuous OH squats. TOTAL KILOS =  275 KG.
  1. For every additional team member that completes the Snatch + 5 Overhead Squats, the team will earn 1 additional point towards their total kilos. Videos must be taken and saved. Team members must be part of your club / facility. These videos will not be submitted to Kilos For A Cure unless requested for finalists.
    1. Example, if Team X has a total of 275 KG and they successfully have 25 more athletes from their gym participate, their final total is now 300 kg.
  1. Additional Information: Snatches must be full squat snatches at full depth and caught on fully extended arms, no press outs. Over head squats must also be to full bottom depth.