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USA Candidates in IWF Election

By Kevin Farley | May 18, 2017, 4:34 p.m. (ET)

Five members of the USA Weightlifting family are standing for election to leadership positions at the International Weightlifting Federation, in an effort to continue the growth of our sport.

USAW President & Board Chair Ursula Garza Papandrea

USAW President & Board Chair, Ursula Garza-Papandrea, is standing for Vice President and member of the IWF Executive Board. Garza-Papandrea, who has been president and board chair since 2016, has a long, storied career in our sport. An elite athlete herself, Garza-Papandrea now teaches the future stars of our sport as coach at Texas Barbell Club in Austin, Texas. 

Joe Triolo

Joe Triolo, a long-time well-respected Technical Official, is seeking election to the IWF Technical Committee. The current chair of USAW's Technical Committee, Triolo is a retired firefighter and has been involved in Weightlifting for more than 40 years. Triolo has served as a Technical Official for 17 years and earned his IWF Category 1 certification in 2013. Triolo has also been an athlete, coach and administrator.

Dr. Mark Lavallee

Dr. Mark Lavallee is seeking election for a spot on the IWF Medical Committee. A member of the Weightlifting family for years, Dr. Lavallee is the chairman of the USA Weightlifting Medical Society and Director of York Hospital Sports Medicine Fellowship Program. Dr. Lavallee also served as Medical Director of the Master World Championships from 1999-2017.

Dr. Kyle Pierce

Dr. Kyle Pierce is seeking another term on the IWF Coaching & Research Committee. Coach to three-time Olympian Kendrick Farris, Dr. Pierce has been instrumental in growing the sport of Weightlifting in the United States. Dr. Pierce runs the Weightlifting Development Center at the University of Louisiana, Shreveport. He's coached and served as a Technical Official for more than 35 years and earned his IWF Category 1 certification in 2000. Pierce has authored the IWF Club Coaches Manual Level 1 and Level 2, and serves as Vice President of the Pan-American Weightlifting Federation.

Pyrros Dimas

Also seeking re-election is USAW Technical Director, and 3-time Olympic Champion, Pyrros Dimas. Dimas is standing for re-election to the IWF Executive Board under his home nation of Greece. An athlete of more than 25 years, Dimas earned his IWF Category 2 certification in 2011.

The IWF Electoral Congress will be held May 29-30 in Bangkok, Thailand. Full details of the Electoral Congress can be found on the IWF website here.