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Club Spotlight StoneAgeFuel Barbell

By Holly Lind | March 17, 2017, 6 a.m. (ET)

In today’s society, technology is a growing media outlet for businesses that want to reach demographics not in their immediate reach. 


All it takes is one relatable post to create a connection with someone. 


In some cases, users start out posting on their social media or a blog and are simply sharing their ideas and views. 


Once these users begin to gain a following the ideas and views become a business plan. 


StoneAgeFuel Barbell Club in Reno, Nevada, made its start on a health and wellness blog. From there the blog became seminars that focused on fitness and weightlifting. From the seminars grew the StoneAgeFuel Barbell Club physical location where the current forty health enthusiast could practice their knowledge.


StoneAgeFuel Barbell Club has an untraditional style of training. They are not following a specific program or system but have taken many of them and found what works best for each individual lifter. 


The club emphasizes the importance of having fun and encourages other clubs to remember this important factor into their clubs. StoneAgeFuel Barbell Club coach Chandler Walker says, 


“Do it for the love of it and to make people happy. Numbers of competitive lifters don't matter; how many [lifters] you bring to competition doesn’t matter. All that matters are that you produce lifters who truly enjoy being in your facility. Everything else will come from that,” Walker said.


The club wants to create an inviting environment to implement this element of fun and to make people smile. 


In five years, StoneAgeFuel Barbell Club wants to continue to growing their membership while still having fun and making lifelong friendships with the people they interact with. 


When asked how to encourage youth lifters the club said to focus on the fun and do the sport because the athlete wants to be there. They also promote learning technique before increasing the intensity of a lift and to understand the foundation of every lift to master it. 


Coach Walker explains that at the club they “pioneered youth weightlifting in our area and have developed awareness around our brand globally by introducing methods and tactics designed to teach youth in a safe and systematic way.” 


StoneAgeFuel Barbell Club sends teams and individuals to a variety of national competitions each year. They also host two meets a year and will be assisting in the upcoming Nike the American Open Series 1 powered by Rogue Fitness.


StoneAgeFuel Barbell Club makes a great example of individualized training routines and promoting the sport of weightlifting to all group. In a mainly male dominant sport Walker says, “[USAW] gives me an outlet to train people to have fun in a nontraditional environment and it has allowed me to show young kids, especially girls that’s it’s okay to be strong and want to lift weight.” 


It is ideals like these that USAW is proud to support clubs that show forward thinking initiative just as StoneAgeFuel Barbell Club has. We appreciate their dedication and love of our sport.