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USA Weightlifting and Russian Weightlifting Federation Hold Joint Talks

March 14, 2017, 6:33 p.m. (ET)

Russian Weightlifting Federation President Maxim Agapitov and USA Weightlifting CEO Phil Andrews held joint talks in Anaheim, California, USA earlier this month. 

USA Weightlifting CEO Phil Andrews and Russian Weightlifting Federation President Maxim Agapitov met this month in Anaheim, California, USA to discuss cooperation between the two federations.

Anaheim also plays host to the 2017 IWF World Championships, and 1997 World Champion Agapitov took the opportunity to visit the competition site, and stayed at the main athlete host hotel for the competition. Agapitov expressed his delight at the world class facilities provided by USA Weightlifting and Sports Anaheim for this year’s World Championship.

"In my opinion, a great venue for the World Championships has been chosen," Agapitov said.  "I imagine it should be fairly easy for all delegations to get to Anahein. All the hotels are located within walking distance from each other and from the place of competition and training. The scale of the structure allows organizing the competition without any restrictions.”

Andrews and Agapitov discussed a broad range of subjects during their meeting and talked about ways in which the two federations can collaborate for the benefit of the sport of Weightlifting. Topics included progress made by the Russian Weightlifting Federation in the matter of anti-doping, possibilities for joint sponsorship agreements, coaching education, athlete development and training opportunities and working towards further transparency in the workings of both federations. 

The two made an appointment to meet in Russia once again in May to further the relationship between the two organizations and for Andrews to personally observe the progress made by the RWF and to see that Russia, like any other country, wants sport to be clean and is openly fighting against doping.

“We know and love our sport, and will continue to develop and defend it," Agapitov said. "The difficulties that arise in it are easier to resolve together. I think our collaboration will serve as a good example and will be a catalyst for the development of weightlifting in general.”

“I am delighted to hear the progress made by President Agapitov in reforming the Russian Weightlifting Federation," Andrews said. "We look forward to continuing to support the new administration of the Russian Weightlifting Federation as they seek to participate in our sport in a transparent, clean fashion. Russia is a great asset to the sport of Weightlifting. I look forward to visiting Russia and observing the work that President Agapitov and his team have already completed."

USA Weightlifting CEO Phil Andrews and Russian Weightlifting Federation President Maxim Agapitov outside the Anaheim Convention Center, home of the 2017 IWF World Championships.