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Cummings Snatches New Records at Nike National Junior Championships

By Anna Resman | Feb. 26, 2017, 6 p.m. (ET)

Competition continued well into the evening on Saturday at the Nike National Junior Championships. One of the major highlights came mid-day as CJ Cummings (Beaufort, N.J.). stepped up to the platform for his first national event of 2017. Back in December, Cummings set new senior American records in the clean and jerk (183kg) and total (321kg) at the American Open Championships in Orlando. This weekend, it was his snatch that stole the show.

 Cummings breezed through his first snatch attempt at 131kg, missed his second at 136kg, and then came back to nail 139kg on his final lift. He set a new youth and junior American record in the snatch for 69kg division, surpassing his current record of 138kg. Cummings is now one kilo away from the senior American record – 140kg – which was set by Alex Lee (Chandler, Ariz.) at the 2015 World Championships. In the clean and jerk, Cummings went two-for-three, finishing his first two attempts at 169kg and 177kg. He totaled at 316kg to win the men’s 69kg division. Jordan Wissinger (Denver, Pa.) won silver with a total of 284kg and Melvin Peete (Sacramento, Calif.) came in third at 250kg.

The men’s 62kg class, which started sessions on Friday evening, concluded on Saturday. Jacob Horst (Reading, Pa.) won gold with a total of 240kg. Alexander Reyes (Las Vegas, Nev.), came in second with 233kg and Samuel Rodriguez (Orlando, Fla.) rounded out the podium with a 221kg total.

Mason Groehler (Denmark, Wisc.), Dale Loch (Blandon, Pa.), and Nate Oelke (Crystal, Minn.) won gold, silver, and bronze, respectively, in the men’s 77kg division. Groehler and Loch both lifted 130kg in the snatch; it was in the clean and jerk that Groehler pulled ahead of Loch, successfully completing 170kg on his second attempt.

The men’s 85kg sessions took place on Saturday evening, with Josh Piasecki (Saint Cloud, Fla.) securing gold in a five-for-six performance. Piasecki totaled at 298kg, 6kg ahead of Kolton Koontz (Mesa, Ariz.). Omar Cummings (Beaufort, N.J.) took home the bronze with a 288kg total.

Sessions for the women’s 69kg division also occurred on Saturday, with tight competition for the podium spots. Meredith Alwine (Virginia Beach, Va.) had a comfortable lead for first place, totaling at 194kg with a 86kg snatch and 108kg clean and jerk. The battle for second and third place was determined by one kilo. Athena Schrijver (Santa Rosa, Calif.) captured silver at 185kg and Madison Stenbo (Carroll, Iowa) placed third at 184kg. Fourth place went to Celia Gold (Newtown, Conn.), who also totaled at 184kg. Stenbo took home the bronze medal over Gold due to weight advantage. 


Men (as of February 25)

Women (as of February 25)




48kg: Megan Seegert, 164kg total 

53kg: Jourdan Delacruz, 98kg clean and jerk 

53kg: Jourdan Delacruz, 101kg clean and jerk 

53kg: Jourdan Delacruz, 178kg total

M 69kg: CJ Cummings, 139kg snatch




63kg: Taylor Babb, 80kg snatch

M 69kg: CJ Cummings, 139kg snatch