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USA Weightlifting Joins Team Renaissance Periodization

Feb. 02, 2017, 12 p.m. (ET)

USA Weightlifting today announced a unique partnership agreement with Renaissance Periodization (RP), a leading provider of nutrition advice to athletes in fitness sports. 

As part of the partnership, RP will offer their services, which include 1 to 1 nutrition coaching and diet templates, as part of USA Weightlifting’s individual performance plan. An individual performance plan allows athletes and coaches to identify with the needs with the organization to succeed on the world stage. Together with USA Weightlifting’s major agreement with Trifecta Nutrition, an organic meal delivery business, USA Weightlifting can now offer even more support to athletes in this critical area.

RP will also have a presence at USA Weightlifting events, and made a cash contribution to USA Weightlifting’s stipend program. The stipend program is among the largest of its kind in the United States Olympic Movement. 

Finally, USA Weightlifting will be partnering with RP to offer more resources to our coaches and athletes as part of their membership.

"We're extremely excited to be partnering with USAW. We've worked with a lot of the top USAW athletes in the past quad and we look forward to guiding more athletes through the upcoming quad and into Tokyo in 2020. We are excited to contribute towards the athlete stipend program to allow more of America's best lifters to focus on weightlifting full-time and to help educate USAW members,” Nick Shaw, CEO of Renaissance Periodization said. 

“We are delighted to welcome RP as our partners, this partnership is ideal because not only do we welcome them to our partner family, we also are able to offer more tools to our athletes and coaches. Thank you Nick and RP!” Phil Andrews, CEO of USA Weightlifting said.

You can view more information about Renaissance Periodization at