Jenny Arthur of Team USA finishes 5th on Day 6 of the IWF WWC

Dec. 04, 2017, 1:25 p.m. (ET)

In the women’s 75kg A session Sunday evening, Team USA’s Jenny Arthur placed 5th overall with a 104kg Snatch, a Clean and Jerk of 130kg and a 234kg total. During Arthur’s second Clean and Jerk attempt of 133kg, the jury overturned the referee’s unanimous decision of a good lift. The overruled lifted forced Arthur’s coaches to move her next lift up a kilo.

 “We had to jump to 134kg to try to get the bronze Clean and Jerk and bronze total, but it was a little bit too heavy for her,” Gattone said. “Jenny is the consummate professional, she stays completely calm and waits for her coaches to tell her what to do. Every situation we put her in, we responded and she was great.”

Lidia Valentin of Spain swept gold in the women’s 75kg category with a 118kg snatch, 140kg Clean and Jerk for a 258kg total.

Nathan Damron opened the IWF World Championship Sunday for Team USA in the 94kg B session. Damron’s Clean and Jerk was a competition personal record, and landed him in second place in the Clean and Jerk and in total for the session. Combined with his 157kg snatch, Damron’s total came to 358kg also a new competition personal record.  

“It’s been about a year since I hit a competition PR,” Damron told USAW after the session. “It’s nice to finally get that over with so I can more onto the next.”

Team USA’s Colin Burns competed in the 94kg A session later in the day. He hit his first snatch attempt of 163kg in front of a large crowd in Anaheim.

“It was great to lift on home soil,” Burns said. “A lot of support, lots of noise. It’s nice to be at an international meet with a lot of people supporting you.”

Burns took a 5kg jump to 168kg for his second attempt. While attempting to hit his second Snatch, Burns suffered a dislocated shoulder and was forced to withdraw the rest of his lifts. Colin will be okay, but will undergo an X-ray and MRI as a precaution.

“It appears to be not as bad as it could have been, so we’re really happy for that,” Colin’s competition coach that has been with him for all of his international competitions, Ursula Garza Papandrea, told USAW. She says her stomach knotted up as soon as she saw the injury happen. “You’re concerned about their health of course, and their career, because Colin is still moving up.”

After the 94kg A session, Damron moved into 8th place in total. Iran’s Sohrab Moradi swept gold with a 184kg Snatch, and broke two world records with a 233kg Clean and Jerk and 417kg total.

In the second session of the day, Men’s 85kg A, and in front of a packed house, Chile’s Arley Mendez Perez swept gold. He went three for three in his snatch attempts, hitting 175kg. Mendez Perez’s first Clean and Jerk attempt of 203kg secured his gold in Clean and Jerk and total. He went for a world record on his third attempt, jumping to 221kg, but couldn’t hold on.

On Monday, four members of Team USA will compete in two sessions. Wes Kitts and Ian Wilson will battle in the 105kg A group at 5:25p.m., followed by Ali Ludwig and Marissa Klingseis in the women’s 90kg A session at 7:55p.m. All times pacific. Click here for live stream information.