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Donor Spotlight: Jennifer Watts

By Kelsey Kennedy | Aug. 07, 2017, 12:24 p.m. (ET)

USA Weightlifting donor Jennifer Watts and husband John.

Jennifer’s love of weightlifting was sparked during her eight years of competing as a CrossFit athlete.

She became a USAW member when she chose to focus solely on weightlifting.


“Weightlifting was always my favorite part of CrossFit,” she said. “I played with idea for a while but never fully committed until I was connected to my coach through a friend.”


Jennifer’s coach, Rachael Bommicino, is both a National Level Lifter and a USAW Level 2 Coach. Jennifer says meeting Rachael changed everything. “Her years of experience, belief in continuous education and passion are contagious,” Jennifer said. Jennifer and Rachael have bonded over their shared passion of advancing women in the sport of weightlifting.


Rachael encourages all of her athletes to compete, and as an experienced CrossFit athlete, Jennifer agreed. She was hooked after one meet. Jennifer exceeded her own expectations at her first national competition, the Masters National 2016 in Savannah, Georgia. After studying the start list, Jennifer hoped for a 6th place finish.


Jennifer Watts lifting in the 2017 Masters National Masters Championships


“We went down to Savannah with a plan of doing our best and seeing what happened,” she said. To her surprise, Jennifer finished 3rd in the Snatch and 4th overall.  “I wasn't expecting that at all,” Jennifer said. “Our ability to focus and do the task at hand paid off.” Her experience fueled her desire to continue weightlifting competitively.


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Jennifer and her husband, John, began supporting USA Weightlifting when they discovered that our Olympic athletes depend on donations and sponsorships.


Jennifer says she lives by the saying “When you know better, you do better,” and knowing USAW needs support made their decision to contribute easy.


As a fan of a small sport, in the United States, it is my responsibility to do what I can to help it survive,” Jennifer said. “We can do that by being active in the sport, but also by giving when and where we can so that each person involved gets a little more.”