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Strong Showing at 2016 USA Weightlifting University and U25 Championships

By Anna Resman | Sept. 26, 2016, 6 p.m. (ET)

Over 550 lifters stepped up to the platform at the Alario Center in New Orleans this weekend to compete in the 2016 USA Weightlifting University and U25 Championships.

Friday's competition brought a round of record-breaking performances. Throughout the day, 13 American University and American Junior records were broken. The women's 48kg division brought a flurry of back-to-back records. The clean and jerk record was broken three times before landing in the hands of Megan Seegert (San Francisco State University) who successful completed 92kg to take home the record. Seegert broke five records with her performance, the largest number of the entire competition.

On Saturday, it was a tight battle for first in the men's 77kg division. Angelo Bianco (University of Nevada) edged out Christian Rodriguez Ocasio (East Tennessee State University) by 1kg to take home gold. Bianco totaled at 312 kg in a 4-for-6 performance.  

James Tatum (North Carolina School of Advanced Bodywork) broke the American University snatch record in the 85kg division with a successful 159kg lift on his final attempt. Tatum finished first with a 36kg lead over second place.  

In the women's 63kg division, Cecily Basques (California State University) broke the American University record in the clean and jerk. She went 3-for-3 in the lift, completing her final attempt at 116kg to secure the record.  

Sunday's stand-out performance came from Mattie Rogers (Valencia College), who smashed the existing American University records in the 69kg class. In a 6-for-6 performance, Rogers broke the existing snatch (92.5kg) and clean and jerk (115kg) records on every attempt. She ended with a 101kg snatch and 127kg clean and jerk to total at 228kg. Her total was over 25kg above the existing record of 202.5kg and 31kg above second place.  

Juliana Riotto (Montclair State University) won first in the women's 75kg division and Marissa Klingseis (Missouri State Western University) took home gold for 75+kg.  

Nathan Stemo (Caroll University), Matthew McCarty (San Juan College), and Nicholas Saccente (American International College) won the 94kg, 105kg, and 105+kg divisions, respectively.  

Team placements were awarded in both University and U25 results. Lindenwood University outlifted defending champion Northern Michigan University (NMU) for first place in the co-ed division. In separate men's and women's team placements, the roles were reversed. NMU secured the champion title for another year, and Lindenwood followed in second. Kim Barbell was the only women's team competing in U25. On the men's side, AMP Training came in first, and Ames Strength followed in second.  

Throughout the weekend, Olympians Sarah Robles and Kendrick Farris visited with fans and assisted in the training hall as their fellow teammates prepared to lift. Robles and Farris, along with Morghan King and Jenny Arthur, are headed to Washington D.C. this week to participate in Team USA's visit to the White House with President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.  

"We are thrilled to have another year of strong participation from our college student-athletes and look forward to continuing to support these athletes as they balance their academic and athletic careers, " said Phil Andrews, CEO of USA Weightlifting.  

This annual event gives lifters an opportunity to connect with peers who are also navigating the college experience. "I liked that there were lifters in the same situation as myself, trying to balance going to college and lifting competitively at the same time," said Seegert.  

The U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) has recently increased attention and funding towards preserving and growing sport programs at the collegiate level. Earlier this year, Sarah Wilhelmi came onboard as the first director of college partnerships. USA Weightlifting will continue to partner with the USOC to help its student-athletes develop and succeed both on and off the platform.  

Next on the horizon is the American Open Championships, taking place December 8 to 11 in Orlando, Florida. This is the last major national competition of 2016, and the final opportunity for lifters to set a total for the year. Beginning next year, this standalone event will be replaced by the American Open Series. Event details can be found on the USA Weightlifting website.  


Team Results  


Women's 48kg  

Suzy Sanchez – 83kg clean and jerk (later broken)  

Shannon McNames – 85kg clean and jerk (later broken)  

Kerri Keegan – 86kg clean and jerk (later broken)  

Megan Seegert – 71kg snatch  

Megan Seegert – 92kg clean and jerk  

Megan Seegert – 163kg total  

Women's 58kg  

Stephanie Lemmen – 189kg total  

Women's 63kg 

Cecily Basques – 116kg clean and jerk 

Women's 69kg 

Mattie Rogers  – 101kg snatch (broke record 3x, in each attempt) 

Mattie Rogers  – 127kg clean and jerk (broke record 3x, in each attempt) 

Mattie Rogers  – 228kg total 

Men's 56kg  

Brey Kobashingawa – 102kg snatch  

Men's 85kg  

James Tatum – 159kg snatch  


Women's 48kg  

Megan Seegert – 92kg clean and jerk  

Megan Seegert – 163kg total  

Women's 53kg  

Jourdan Delacruz – 79kg snatch  

Jourdan Delacruz – 95kg clean and jerk  

Jourdan Delacruz – 174g total