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Records Fall on Day 1 at University and U25 Championships

By Anna Resman | Sept. 24, 2016, 12 p.m. (ET)

The University and U25 Championships opened with plenty of excitement at the Alario Center in New Orleans.

Kicking off the tournament, the women of 48kg set the bar extremely high for the weekend. The American University clean and jerk record of 82kg was broken four times throughout the session. Suzy Sanchez (Louisiana State University), the previous record holder, broke her own record with a successful 83kg lift on her second attempt. Shannon McNames (West Chester University of Pennsylvania) responded with 85kg on her final attempt. Kerri Keegan (State College of Florida) nailed 86kg to break the record yet again.  

In the end, it was Megan Seegert (San Francisco State University) that took home the record. She closed the session with a 71kg snatch and 92kg clean and jerk to total at 163kg. With this performance, she broke five records – the American University snatch, clean and jerk and total and American junior clean and jerk and total. 

The excitement continued in the women's 53kg session. Cortney Batchelor (U25) claimed the title with a 180kg total. Jourdan Delacruz (Collin College) won second overall, setting new junior American records in the snatch (79kg), clean and jerk (95kg), and total (174kg).  

In the final women's session of the day, Stephanie Lemmen (Central New Mexico Community College) set a new 58kg American University record in the total at 189kg.  

On the men's side, Brey Kobashingawa (University of Hawaii) won the 56kg class with a 217kg total, a 19kg lead over second place. He set a new American University record in the snatch with a successful 102kg on his final attempt.  

Competition was very close at 62kg with the top five lifters within 3kg of each other. Darrel Barnes (Lindenwood University) won first with a 221kg total, and Austin Bracey (University of West Florida) followed just 1kg behind to claim second. 

The 69kg men closed out the evening at the Alario Center. Aaron Addison (Pima Medical Institute) won the session with a 272kg total. 

Day 2 is in full swing with three platforms running throughout the day. Daily tickets can be purchased at the door. View full individual and team results on the USA Weightlifting website

American University Records

Women's 48kg 

Suzy Sanchez – 83kg clean and jerk (later broken) 

Shannon McNames – 85kg clean and jerk (later broken) 

Kerri Keegan – 86kg clean and jerk (later broken) 

Megan Seegert – 71kg snatch 

Megan Seegert – 92kg clean and jerk 

Megan Seegert – 163kg total 

Women's 53kg 

Stephanie Lemmen – 189kg total 

Men's 56kg 

Brey Kobashingawa – 102kg snatch 

American Junior Records 

Women's 48kg 

Megan Seegert – 92kg clean and jerk 

Megan Seegert – 163kg total 

Women's 53kg 

Jourdan Delacruz – 79kg snatch 

Jourdan Delacruz – 95kg clean and jerk 

Jourdan Delacruz – 174g total