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Special Weightlifting Experience Planned for Tokyo 2020

By Kevin Farley | Sept. 09, 2016, 5:30 p.m. (ET)

Less than 3 weeks after the Games of the XXXI Olympiad ended and with the 2016 Paralympic Games in full swing in Rio de Janeiero, excitement is already growing about what's on tap at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo 2020 Weightlifting Sport Manager Reiko Chinen wants to build on the excitement created at the Games in Rio when the Olympics come to her home country of Japan.

“The spectators in Rio have been great. They know when to make a noise and when to stay quiet. Their clapping and cheering created a very good atmosphere and we really need that in Tokyo," Reiko told the International Weightlifting Federation. “The Japanese people are a little bit shy and quiet compared to Brazilians, who can be very excited. We will have to do something for spectators to excite them, to make big noise for the athletes. Language and communication will be a big challenge for us." 

The 2020 Olympic Weightlifting competition will be held at the 11-story Tokyo International Forum in the heart of Tokyo. There, weightlifting fans will be treated to something special, they'll be able to watch training.

The viewing area will be set-up in a way not to disturb athletes, Reiko said.

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