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Harrison Maurus Wins Three Silver Medals, Sets Three American Records

By Kevin Farley & Anna Resman | Oct. 23, 2016, 9:51 a.m. (ET)

Harrison Maurus made his mark on the international stage on Sunday at the IWF Youth World Championships. He came out strong in the 77kg class with a 3 for 3 performance in the snatch, completing lifts at 135kg, 140kg, and 145kg. He won silver in the snatch session, behind Yeison Lopez Lopez of Colombia, the reigning Youth World Champion from last year.

The same one-two combination was seen in the clean and jerk, with Lopez Lopez taking first and Maurus winning second. Maurus completed his first two lifts at 170kg and 176kg. He totaled at 321kg, securing his third silver medal and breaking three youth American records for 77kg.  

Teammate Dale Loch also competed in the 77kg class. He snatched 125kg and 130kg to finish eighth in the snatch session. He successfully completed his first clean and jerk at 148kg. After missing his second attempt at 153kg, he came back to nail that weight on his final attempt. Loch secured a top-ten finish with his total of 283kg for tenth place.

Jaden Washington and Kolton Koontz lifted for Team USA in the 85kg class. Washington went 3 for 3 in the snatch at 115kg, 120kg, and 125kg. Koontz went 2 for 3 with 125kg and 130kg in his first two attempts. 

In the clean and jerk, Washington made his opening lift at 150kg. He missed the clean on his second attempt at 155kg and was called for press out on his final attempt at 155. Washington finished with a strong 275kg total. 

Koontz made his first two clean and jerks at 145kg and 152kg. He successfully cleaned 158kg on his final attempt but missed the jerk to total at 282kg.

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